I specialize in story-driven destination Kauai wedding videography and photography. 

   Professional photographer, corporate photographer, director of photography, editor and director—yes I know, many hats.  Given that I live in Kauai, much of my artistry these days is devoted to brides and grooms, producing first rate Kauai wedding photography and videography.  Want to know more about me? 

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Engagement photo Queens Bath Kauai

Kauai is a dramatic island;  I love showing it off using wide angle lenses.

Tunnels Beach Kauai
Kauai sunset bride and groom in the water.

Fresh and Original

Wedding Photography Kauai  

Trash-the-dress wedding photo Kauai

“I imagine first then shoot—having a script is how I produce high-end wedding videos that are crafted for originality, and paced to be entertaining.”

  — david marsh, author, videographer /cinematographer  

Drone photography weddings Kauai

I aim to make the photo session a fun experience.  not too posed, dramatic backdrops. i prefer daylight lighting but as a cinamatographer i’m more than qualified to offer sunset/ sunrise lighting for those wanting to see the sun dip into the ocean.     

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"a story has to have a story, you can’t call it a story when you show up at a wedding with a video camera and shoot some nice looking footage!” 

— david marsh, author and videographer /cinematographer      

Corporate videographer  

Gone surfing Hanalei Bay. TV commercial by Kauai Video Productions

Video production at Kauai Video Productions — where ideas are born to be filmed    - photo from local TV commrcial - director: David Marsh

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Studio photography Kauai

Guest book at a Kauai wedding - photo by Kauai Video

I like to keep it moving 

  Kauai event photographer! Group shots walking or running make for a dynamic photograph

Group shot at Kauai wedding on the beach

“I'm crazy about natural photo capture and i love getting it collaboratively. heck, it's not about me saying 'do this like this and stand this way.' yeah, i do give direction but my aim is to provoke the unexpected and to keep it fun, most of all, natural.” — 

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Watch the roller-skating Kauai bride movie ▸ 

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Portraiture by Kauai photographer David Marsh 

Traditional wedding videography is perfect for couples who desire to show their kin and friends back home the spectacular beach and the “i do” moment whereas designer crafted videos are akin to real film production, starting wth a working script and ending with a very stylized personal movie. 

If you’re undecided about a wedding video, this might help you decide  

Kauai  bride and bride about to kiss. LBGT

LGBT couples welcomed. We are proud to be on the Pride Zillas website, an equal opportunity wedding resource for the LGBT community 

Kauai Videography weddings and events 

 Can you afford not to have a wedding video? Months, even years go into the planning: the gown, wedding rings, invitations,  flowers. Then, when the day comes, you’ll experience so many emotions;  laughter, tears, flashbulbs and the wedding will race by—you might even feel like you're in a fog, catching mere glimpses of your own wedding. how many times have i heard a bride say: "i truly don't remember that, i'm so glad you captured it on video.” this is why i’m thrilled to be a kauai wedding videographer.   

I am proud to offer Kauai’s Jewish community Bar Matzva and Bat Mitzva videography and photography options -  Let’s rock! Kauai event photography/videography

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Pre-wedding kauai couple under an umbrella

Not every one wants to get married in the rain, or have their photo session in the pouring rain, which is why we try to be as flexible as possible in regards to switching times, even the date if possible, at no extra charge.   

family at Hanalei lookout, Kauai photography

Family photography. Photo by David Marsh, Kauai Video Productions   

all photos and video samples on this website are the property of David Marsh, senior photographer weddings Kauai videographer weddings Hawaii