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Queens bath engagement


Tunnels Beach wedding photo

Beach sunset Kauai

Sunset at Anini Beach Kauai 

Trash the dress Kauai

A gritty snarl can be as striking as a tender smile. A tear of joy hidden in silhouette is pure magic—these are the things I seek when I shoot. I am a Kauai wedding videographer and photographer whose style is a merger of instant capture (photojournalism) and seamless portraiture (rather than staged pose) all with a splash of mood and a dash of creative lighting. My photos are inspired by the personalities of the people I photograph! Best time photography Kauai sunsets at the beach.

Trash-the-dress  Kauai

“That’s a really big crab!” 

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Bridesmaid filmed by Kauai wedding videographer David Marsh


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Kauai Corporate videography  

Destination Kauai wedding videography and photography by David Marsh.


I have placed tons of images both photo and video on my website because I really believe a single picture is worth a thousand words.   

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 Things I like: strong coffee in the morning.  French fries! Broccoli—go figure!  I’m crazy about sunset photoshoots on Kauai beaches, family photography, using my videographer’s eye  to shoot couples photography. I really like the new trend in wedding videography: short, snappy, and tailored to music, no voices except perhaps “you can kiss the bride.”   a footnote,  something I believe is so important. NOt all wedding videos are or should be from the same mold. That’s why i offer  designer crafted Kauai wedding videography as well as traditional videography Kauai.  If you’d like to reserve your date, 


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LGBTQ couples welcomed. Proud to be on the Pride Zillas website, an equal opportunity wedding resource for the LGBTQ community 

 Kauai wedding photography 

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David Marsh 


Can you afford not to hire a wedding videographer? Months, even years go into the planning: the wedding gown, wedding rings, invitations,  flowers. Then, when the day comes, you’ll experience so many emotions;  laughter, tears, flashbulbs and the day will race by—you might even feel like you're in a fog, catching mere glimpses of your own wedding. How many times have i heard a bride say: "i truly don't remember that, i'm so glad I hired a Kauai wedding videographer.  

I am proud to offer our Jewish community Kauai Bar Matzva and Bat Mitzva videography and photography   -  Kauai event photography/ Kauai event videography options

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Not everyone wants to get married in the rain, or have their photo session in the pouring rain, which is why we try to be as flexible as possible in regards to switching times, even the date if possible, at no extra charge.   

David Marsh is a Canon vetted, approved photographer on the Image Connect platform.  


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