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 Aloha.  I am a Difraser, Kauai based videographer, video and film director, and photographer ***** 5 stars  reviewed on Google, Facebook, Thumbtack, Pridezillas, Weddingwire, Yelp.    

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Local Kauai TV commercial by Difraser, Kauai Video Productions

Sunest photography--with speed lights, or natural light—I shoot both. I offer journalistic and designer-crafted Kauai wedding videos, which are not your average wedding video. 

The sun is down…three speedlights were enough to eliminate unruly shadows whilst allowing soft light to fall onto the wedding couple 

Aerial videography for weddings and events

   Corporate videography -  The shot above was taken by my flying dragonbeast, hovering just above the ground on the bluff overlooking Hanalei Bay, north shore Kauai, for a major American company 

Stunning High Dynamic Range Photo capture for architects, magazine, and realtors

Model Tiera from Kauai. This is her portfolio video. Models and actors needing headshots or portfolio videos, please send me an e-mail. 

Trash-the-Dress Kauai

         Designer-crafted “Love and Life Story” wedding video Kauai   HERE     An ecclectic look at many of my Kauai wedding videos   HERE

Have your wedding video look like a cinema movie with a film tools option      Kauai Drone option


 A classical romantic wedding video  © 2017 Kauai Video Productions

 Top tip: This is a tip from your Kauai wedding videographer Difraser: Make sure that you DO NOT get upstaged by your wedding officiant.   “upstage” def: divert attention from (someone) toward oneself; outshine.   Basically, You (NOT your officiant) deserves the best background.   Here’s an example: A couple is on a spectacular beach for their wedding. They’re so wrapped up in the excitement of the moment that when the officiant says, “now stand here,”  they allow themselves to be postioned away from the dramatic background, for the entire ceremony.  Now the officiant has the wonderful background, the lush mountains or crashing ocean waves behind him and the couple has a palm tree and a power transformer.  Remember, your officiant is not the star!     This has been a wedding video tip by Difraser—years of experience!     

 I admit it! I do have a penchant for the dramatic look. If that’s what also interest you, please consider me as your Kauai wedding photographer an/or your Kauai wedding videographer  

As your local, Kauai wedding photographer and photographer I serve all areas of the island. However,  north shore locations are my preference.   Other types of video that I shoot are: maternity videos, trash the dress photography and video,   love story videos, life story videos, testimonial videos, corporate videos, real estate video, surf videos, holiday videos, vacation videos, destination videography and photography—in fact whenever video or photography is needed, I do that.     

Here’s the question I get most:  What do you charge?  $400, $550, $750, $1350, $1950, $2500 and above. I don’t just offer one type of video /photo service  for the same reason that restaurants don’t only serve one dish and real estate agents don’t only sell one model of house. Most of my videos are  journalistic, fly-on-the-wall type of video capture.  The alternative that I offer is designer-crafted. These have a blueprint, and are very cinematic. 

I am a professional not a hobyist.    Equipped for the job in every way. 

Let's talk about photography — most of the applied time in photography goes into the editing; at least for me it does. On an average 1 hour of shoot time equates to 4 hours of my time doing photo editing.  Luckily, I love it.  There’s no such thing in my world as a long delivery. While many photographers say it will take a month or two, or even six months before the photos are ready, I say 10 days is plenty. 

Let's talk about video— Your wedding is an extraordinary moment in your life. Months, maybe even years, have gone into the planning: the wedding dress, bride and groom rings, wedding invitation list, venue, table seatings, and so much more. Then, when the wedding finally comes, you and your spouse and your family and friends will experience so many emotions. There will be excitement and laughter and tears and flashbulbs, and the day will race by—you might even feel like you're in a fog, catching mere glimpses of your own Kauai wedding.  How many times have I heard a bride say:  "I truly don't remember that, I'm so glad you captured it on video.”   If you are planning a Kauai wedding and are unsure of a wedding video, I hope you are reading this. The professional wedding video that I will craft for you will be  one of the best wedding planning choices you will make.  


Fantastic wedding video editing - Many say this is the most important part of film making. Franky I agree.   As an International Emmy recipient,  I’m fast. Usually it takes me less than 2 weeks to deliver a highly crafted edited Kauai wedding video.   

Cinematography too!  Do you know the difference between videography and cinematography?  While many, if not most videographers lay claim to making cinematic wedding videos, only a few actually do.  Here’s the difference:  A videographer shoots video while a cinematographer uses light to create a scene ready for filming.  While cinematic tools such as Red cameras,  film cranes, stabiizers, rails, and aerial shots can add to the overall cinematic feel of a video,  unless the so called cinematographer is manipulating light he/she is not a cinematographer.  For the real deal, a cinematic wedding video, choose a designer-crafted wedding video


From a Kauai wedding videographer, Kauai wedding photographer, beautiful wedding love stories ... 

Award winning film editor Difraser, will craft your Kauai wedding video in a unique way, whether your requirement is for an intimate beach wedding or a super-sized tent event with hundreds of guests, Difraser, your kauai wedding videographer, will create for you the film of a lifetime.    


The advantage of having more than one Kauai wedding videographer…

It is universally accepted that you need at least two photographers for a wedding. Oddly,   when it comes to wedding videography few people think they’ll need more than one videographer.  In reality, the need for an additional wedding videographer is perhaps more important than the need for a second photographer. Two videographers means more tailored video footage (fewer static—2nd camera unattended shots).  More on this important subject HERE

 I could go on, but there's an old British proverb: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. So take a bite, I mean take a look at some of my Kauai wedding videos, and my Kauai wedding photography and hopefully we’ll be talking soon.  Aloha.— Difraser  

Kauai Video Productions /  Difraser is interested in partnering with other Kauai wedding professionals. Kauai wedding planners, Kauai wedding D.Js, Kauai wedding caterers, Kauai flower shops, Kauai wedding hair stylists, Kauai wedding officiants, ministers, Kauai wedding musicians, Kauai wedding gown seamstresses, and kauai wedding venues and real estate owners interested in offering their house or estate for weddings. Just shoot me an e-mail.  


 Responsible drone aerial photography and aerial video available optionally.  

 Models, actors, business professionals headshots — of course. Photography and videography of all sorts, just about everything except passport photos!       

 Wedding videographer Kauai

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