A Kauai wedding video- it’s a must have! It’s what I do! 

 Aloha.  I am a Difraser, an established professional Kauai videographer, film and video director, and photographer ***** 5 stars  reviewed on Google, Facebook, Thumbtack, Pridezillas, Weddingwire, Yelp.  I have been filming on Kauai since 1989, with over 1000 videos to my name, and I have professionally photographed more people than I care to estimate.  Request a booking    

A local Kauai video commercial by Difraser, in 2017 - Kauai Video Productions  Request a booking

Jos and Karman on the bluff above Hanalei Bay, ignoring the rain.  

If you are planning an engagement on Kauai, Hawaii, or a wedding, or vow renewal, or a family vacation, I would be honored to be your photographer or videographer. Please check out my vast porfolio which includes weddings, parties, sporting events, corporate events, as well as commercial videography and photography.  For weddings, I offer journalistic or designer-styled cinematic Kauai wedding videos, which are not your average video.  Request a booking

The sun is down…three speedlights were enough to eliminate unwanted shadows whilst allowing soft light to fall onto the wedding couple ...

   Corporate videography -  The shot above was taken by my flying dragonbeast, hovering just above the ground on the bluff overlooking Hanalei Bay, north shore Kauai, for a major American company 

Aerial videography for all events by Difraser,  Kauai Video Productions - 808-212-9742 

Stunning High Dynamic Range Photo capture for architects, magazine, and realtors

Model Tiera from Kauai. Portfolio video. Models & actors needing headshots/ portfolio videos contact me 

Lets talk about me —  If asked to decribe myself I’d say I’m typically British. I know I talk funny—even my daughter says I talk funny. I wear a bunch of hats:  Kauai wedding videographer, photographer, author, sometimes oddly imaginative graphic artist. If you want to know more, you can peruse my mini biographical on the ME page. 

Let's talk about photography — most of the applied time in photography goes into the editing; at least for me it does. On an average one hour of shoot time equals 4 hours of photo editing.  Luckily, I love it.  I’m also fast!  While many photographers say it will take a month or two, or even six months to get the photos ready, 10 days is plenty for me, and it’s usually less.   

Let's talk about video— Your wedding is an extraordinary moment. Months, maybe even years,  go into the planning: the wedding dress, bride and groom rings, wedding invitation list, venue, table seatings, and so much more. Then, when the wedding finally comes, you and your spouse and your family and friends  experience so many emotions—excitement and laughter and tears and flashbulbs, and the day races by—you might even feel like you're in a fog, catching mere glimpses of your own Kauai wedding.  How many times have I heard a bride say:  "I truly don't remember that, I'm so glad you captured it on video.”   If you are planning a Kauai wedding and are unsure of a wedding video, I hope you are reading this. The professional wedding video that I would love to craft for you will be one of the best wedding planning choices you will make.  More on this subject in Kauai Bride and Groom Tips. 

Let’s talk about weddings— Soyou’ve decided to get married on Kauai - an excellent choice. The Knot lists Kauai as one of the top ten destination wedding locations in the world!  But is yours a destination wedding? Destination weddings typically mean that you and your guests and even most of your wedding vendors are not local. Using local vendors can greatly reduce your costs. A local wedding planner might be the answer here. If your wedding is an elope / getaway wedding even a wedding planner might seem like a burdensome expense. You can always ask me ( Difraser) for advice on things such as local reception venues,   great spots for a wedding on the beach, and do I know a Kauai DJ?  Yes. Musician who does weddings? Yes. Who’s a really good wedding officiant in Kauai?  Kelvin Ho is one. I have video of Kelvin on this website.   Another of my favorites is Koko Kaneali’I. I also have videos of Koko on this website. 

Let's talk about website design   From time to time I dabble in website creation. This site for example, was created by me. So if you’re looking for a beautiful new website that heavily focuses on video or photographs, that’s easy and clean to navigate around by all means call or e-mail me.  Here’s another site I designed:  

 A classical romantic wedding video  © 2017 Kauai Video Productions

Kauai Video Productions /  Difraser and his team of media professionals are happy to refer you to other Kauai wedding professionals,    wedding planners, D.Js, caterers, Kauai flower shops, hair stylists, wedding officiants, ministers, wedding musicians, gown seamstresses, and real estate owners that rent their house or estate for weddings.  

Who is the best wedding videographer on Kauai? Can this question be truthfully answered? Isn’t it like the best picture at the Oscars? Or Best song of the year?  Really the best?   Although, with all that said, the famous Beverly Hills videographer gives the nod to Difraser.