Wedding videos that are completely and utterly different — Utterly different is one of the available options that you can choose for your wedding video. We also shoot traditional and timeless. If you are planning a wedding on Kauai, Hawaii, or an engagement, or a vow renewal,  we'd be sucker-punched if you didn’t at least consider us as your photographer or videographer. On this webpage you’ll see an overview  or use the menus (right or top bar) to explore in greater detail… 

   PLAY VIDEO — "KISSING IN THE JUNGLE  — intimate Kauai wedding video with a theatrical vibe!

Please check out Difraser’s vast porfolio; it includes romantic Kauai weddings, wild and wacky weddings, parties, sporting events, corporate events, as well as commercial videography and photography.  If a single picture says a thousand words, imagine then, four thousand three hundred and sixty-two pictures— that’s a 4-minute music video, or thirty-two thousand, eight hundred and sixty moving pictures—a high-end storybook wedding video. The power of moving pictures—imagination to say it all.   

Elopement weddings Kauai

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  PLAY VIDEO  US MARINE AND HIS BRIDE  — way different in a wacky way!

Kauai wedding videographer 60

TV commercials, shorts and documentaries, personal life stories, and just about any type of videography or photography that you can think of.  See an example of a local TV spot Difraser shot (below).  


Fix My Loan Hawaii - local television commercial, directed by Difraser, Kauai videographer.

Below is a montage from many different Kauai wedding videos Difraser has filmed; it  goes by in a blink 


Kauai Video Productions, wedding on the beach, Difraser

    PLAY VIDEO “LIVING A LIFE—A LOVE STORY  —a favorite video...

While moving pictures run through my (Difraser's) veins and into my imagination, a single image resides in my heart, proof of my love of photography. 

wedding videographer Kauai

The sun is down…three speedlights were enough to eliminate unwanted shadows whilst allowing soft light to fall onto the wedding couple ...

Hanalei Bay, Kauai -- Difraser, a wedding videographer, filmed this drone aerial shot just a few feet off the ground.

   Corporate videography -  The shot above was taken with my flying dragonbeast, hovering just above the ground on the bluff overlooking  Hanalei Bay, north shore Kauai, for a major American corporation 

Filmed in Poipu  sunset hour, on a tripod, long exposure f.4. Real estate photography HDR by Kauai Video Productions

Stunning High Dynamic Range Photo capture for architects, magazine editors, and realtors

Kapaa beach Park, vow renewal  filmed by Difraser, Kauai Video Productions,

Family vacation Kauai, photography by Difraser.  Are they walking forwards or backwards?

This is a still image pulled from the video - Tiera 104, shot with a Sigma 85mm lens by videographer Difraser in Kauai. .

Model Tiera - Portfolio video. Models & actors needing headshots/ portfolio videos contact me 

Let’s talk about Difraser —  If asked to decribe myself I’d say I’m somewhat artsy; I know I talk funny, well in America I do.  Back home in England they say I’ve got an American accent; here in America they say I have an English accent. If you want to know more about me and Samuel (wingman) please peruse our ME page. 

Let's talk photography — most of the applied time in photography goes into the post (editing); at least for me it does. On an average one hour of shoot equals four hours of photo editing.  Luckily, we love it.  We’re also fast!  While many photographers say it will take a month or two, even six months, to get the photos ready, ten days and often less is our norm. 

Let's talk video— Because high quality video is readily accessible from phones and POV cameras, you might be considering shooting your own event. Maybe it will turn out great. But first, ask yourself, does your video need to be professional? Do your motion shots need to be free of blur? Does the sound need to be clean without annoying hissy wind and waves so loud you cannot hear the vows? Are you comfortable with dozens of hours, even days video editing?  Now, if you're already a video professional, you'll know what’s involved.  But if you are not a professional, are you really up to it?  I (Difraser) shoot with full frame cameras, the best lenses, professional sound equipment, film stabilzers, rails, etc.  I am also comfortable shooting digital wedding cinematography — for really big budget weddings.  

Let’s talk weddings—  So, you’ve decided to get married on Kauai - there isn’t a better place. The Knot publication lists Kauai as one of the top ten destination wedding locations in the world!  A wedding is an extraordinary moment in one’s life. Months even years go into the planning: the wedding dress, bride and groom rings, wedding invitation list, venue, wedding bouquet and corsages, flowers, table seatings—well, you know all of this. Then, when the day finally comes, you and your spouse and family and friends  experience so many emotions; there’s excitement and laughter and tears and flashbulbs, and the day races by—you might even feel like you're in a fog, catching mere glimpses of your own Kauai wedding.  How many times have I heard a bride say:  "I truly don't remember that, I'm so glad you captured it on video.”   

Is yours a destination wedding? Destination weddings typically mean that you and your guests and even most of your wedding vendors will be arriving on Kauai from someplace else. Many destination wedding couples bring their own vendors. However, using local vendors will certainly reduce expenditure. I would suggest using a local wedding planner; I can help here.  Kauai Destination Wedding Help and Referrals.  You can always ask me ( Difraser) for things such as local reception venues, great spots for a wedding on the beach, do I know a Kauai DJ? Someone who crafts the Hawaiian Haku lei?  Yes. Musician who does weddings? Yes. Who’s a really good wedding officiant in Kauai?  Kelvin Ho is one. I have video of Kelvin on this website.   Another of my favorites is Koko Kaneali’I. I also have videos of Koko on this website.  

Ethnic Kauai weddings? Yes.    Kauai Wedding on a budget? Yes Kauai Wedding videos designed as stories? Yes.  

Travel expense - a fee for some areas but not if your media expenditure is over $2000  

Do I use an agreement form? Yes, something like this

Is it Kauai or Kaua’i? Both are commonly used, but if correctness is required I am a Kaua’i wedding videographer and cinematographer.  BTW — There is a huge difference between wedding videography and digital wedding cinematography 

Kaua'i Video Productions /  Difraser and Samuel and Lana (our team of professional Kauai wedding videographers and photographers)  are happy to refer you to other Kauai wedding professionals,  wedding planners, D.Js, caterers, Kauai flower shops, hair stylists, wedding officiants, ministers, wedding musicians, gown seamstresses, and real estate owners that rent their house or estate for Kauai weddings.  

Who is the best Kauai wedding videographer? Can this question be honestly answered? Isn’t it like the best picture at the Oscars? Or Best song of the year?  With all that said the famous Beverly Hills videographer gives the best nod to Kaua’i videographers Difraser and Samuel. 




Kauai wedding videography from $750

Kauai wedding photography from $175