Q. What makes you stand out amongst other Kauai photographers/videographers?

A.  I’m a story-teller, literal and visual. I’m an Emmy recipent, have decades of experience that began with the best training at Pinewood Film Studios, England.  

Q. Do you work alone or with a team?

A.  Both. There is an advantage to a 2nd photographer/ videographer, even on intimate shoots.  

Q.  If I only want a few photos, like 3 or 4, can you do a mini session?

A.  My mini photo session is a package of 15 edited photographs. You might not want/need so many, but when I turn up for a photo or video session, I test shoot for lighting, I check angles, etc, and I always take far more shots that what I’ll be delivering to my client because the perfect shot doesn’t always happen when its needed.       

Q. What do you charge?

A.  From $280 - $5900 (that’s a big spread but I do all sorts of shoots)

Q: Can you do sunrise and sunset shoots?

A: Absolutely. I shoot both natural light photo sessions and photo flash sessions.  

Q. Can you give me the RAW photo files after our photoshoot?

A. Raw files in some ways are akin to negatives in film cameras, original images straight from the camera. While they are not image reversed and look to the eye like regular photos, the images contain invaluable and expansive data that makes them ideal for the editing process.  The Raw files are large in megabytes, and they require fast computer processors and loads of memory. For these reasons, the Raw files are useless to most people. But even if you know how to work with Raw files, as the art of photography is twofold—the shooting being the first stage of the art and the editing of the images the second—I do not share our sell the Raw files. In my opinion, this would be like sharing my art method. I thank you for your understanding.  

Q. Can you give me great audio even on a windy beach? 

A.  Absolutely. 

Q. If I choose you as my videographer are you okay with me choosing a different photographer?

A. Yes but with a caveat.  A photographer not used to working with me may find herself featured in the video, usually her backside.  Additionally, sometimes photographers are unaware that camera flashes might be ruining video frames.  When we shoot video and photography our team works seemlessly providing our clients the best of both mediums. 

 Q. What's your turnaround time? 

A. Fast. From 1 - 4 weeks, usually. 

 Q. Do you take credit cards?

A. Yes.  

Q. If I want to hire you, what do I do?

A. Phone /text 808-278-8643 or shoot me an email or visit the contact page  

Kauai Wedding videographer Kauai Photographer David Marsh is delighted to present an assortment of videography and photography packages—one size does not fit all. 

contact me: kauaivideoprods@icloud.com