About Difraser (David)

 I am Difraser, a professional videographer and photographer. The name is a moniker cobbled from my three birth names, David, Ian, Fraser. My experience is vast. I've directed local TV commercials, mini-documentaries, the theatrical releases ”Stormswept” and “The Lords of Magick,” and since moving to Kauai ten years ago, I’ve shot hundreds of wedding videos,  sweet-16s, parties, gaming events, and corporate and industrial films.  I am a fan of both natural light and staged light.   

For video I offer two distinctly different options. The first is CWH (capture what happens) where I give little or no direction—it’s just me and my cameras capturing your event as it happens,  journalistically. The second option is designer-crafted, where at times (before/ after the ceremony) I do direct the wedding couple and stage the look of the video.    

Here’s an engagement film (designer-crafted) that I made this year to be shown at the couple’s wedding reception, March 31st 2017.