About Difraser (David) and Samuel

David biking on Jupiter

David on Jupiter riding space bicycle

Difraser (me) David Ian Fraser — author, film director, videographer, photographer. My career began in  England when I was 17, after I decided to quit school early because I hated school. I went into an apprenticeship program at Pinewood film studios where I learned how to edit film (the kind that’s in miles-long strips and snippets get to hang around your neck) and shoot with 16mm film cameras. Then I branched into the digital realm.  I directed my first feature film “The Lords of Magick” entirely on digital tape, even before Hollywood got the balls to do the same. I have a  nom-de-plume: Carter Benwall. Quick glimpse of my new novel.       


Samuel Gillilan standing on the wing of a small plane

Samuel … on the wing. 

Samuel is David’s wingman, cinematically, photographically, and sometimes literally.  Energetic, with a strong zeal for adventure, Samuel sees himself as a detective for beauty, which he sees all around him. With his camera slingshot at his waist, he’s always ready to capture that beauty.   In 2008 Difraser opened the doors to Kauai Video Productions.  There’s an old saying: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” It’s an Englishism, like grub, bangers and mash, Marmite sandwiches. You get the picture.  So take a bite out of any of our video samples / photo galleries. Or call/ e-mail, tell us about your project.      

MORE DIFRASER-ish  …    

Here’s a designer-crafted love story (below) that I filmed for the couple’s wedding reception.