Blue screen Kauai

The couple in this love story video didn’t want the typical, you know, talking heads,   “I first met Samantha when she was  six…” bla, bla, bla. The video had to be original, moving,  and vintage style. We decided on a dance through the couple’s 10-year relationship. We filmed in multiple Kauai locations, beaches, rain forest, old ruins,  and then in a church hall, against a blue screen backdrop. It might seem overkill for a wedding/ engagement  but I love pushing the boundary for event video.    

Blue screen image (below) and under it a frame of the finished composited video. See the video HERE 

Below image is just one of sixteen different virtual sets that I created for the video.     

comp blue sc1

Wedding videographer Kauai

Kauai videographer Difraser