Hanalei Bay Family  

September 19th 2017 — I spent the last few days filming a wonderful family who have experenced the tragic loss of a loved one.  They hired me to film a life celebration. Naturally, being a very personal film, it’s not for public viewing. After a gathering at Black Pot (the pier at Hanalei Bay) the family arranged a boat trip for the next day.  Thank you for the experience, Cole and Darcy and all of the family. 


Thank you for reading my blog.  I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a vlog, kind of a behind the scenes of the video and photo shoots I do.   Until I  do I’ll contunue sharing tidbits in the written form. 

Somone recently asked me how I price my shoots. I stopped to think, and for a moment I didn’t have an answer. How does anyone price anything? Well it’s all about time, experience and my talent, I answered at length.  And then she asked me, “And are all of those things fixed in stone?”  Hmmm. 

I guess the bottom line here is: if I’ve quoted you for a shoot, or if you’ve seen a fee posted on this website or an ad I’ve got running someplace, and you’re not fully satisfied with that sum, it doesn’t hurt to ask me: Can you do better, or “Could you do it for x fee?”  Nuff said on this ...