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Christmas-holiday-videography-photography 2017/18

Aloha … it’s holiday time again.  Boy, did this year fly by in a blink. Is time shrinking or is it just me?  So…are you having or organizing a party?  Thinking of hiring a videographer or photographer?  I’m offering a 2-hour holiday combo. You’ll  get a niftily  professional 4-minute edited video + 75 high res photographs. It’s limited availability!  So call me at 808-212-9742  or use my CONTACT page. 

The Remarkable It

The Remarkable It … a novel for young adults, by David Fraser Marsh

A WIP — work in progress—only perhaps very close to being wrapped. I stopped counting drafts around draft number 8 but I’m guessing this is about 15 or 16. Well, writing is all about rewriting.  

The Remarkable It teaser 2



As promised, here’s a look at the finished car loan TV commercial “Fix My Loan Hawaii”  


 October 3rd 2017 — I’m back doing television and web commercials. October 2017 I’m shooting a 20-second television spot for a new car financing option, filming in and around Kauai’s north shore. 3 actors already cast. I’ll post clips from the shoot next week.   

Upcoming shoot.  “Castaways”  a 30-second commercial featuring eight yuppies who wash ashore and go hunting for food.  More information forthcoming. 


I was hired to film aerials of land owned by Princeville.   Views that one only dreams of. Imagine, not too long ago it would have been prohibitively expensive to get these kinds of shots—a helicopter and a harness to lean out of the chopper’s open door.  Many moons ago I did that. I leaned out of the open door of a chopper to film the Napali coast.   But these shots were taken with my buddy Steven Rodger’s quad.  Thanks to Steven for stepping up at the last moment, as my drone was in the shop.   

The highest quality aerial photography in Kauai

Kauai Aerial drone photography and videography by Kauai Video Productions 

Kauai High School Photo Shoot

So I spent the morning filming the kids at the high school, in blistering heat (91 degrees) that’s oh so unsusal for late September in Kauai. But it was all good, as the photographs indicate. 

Photography session:  September 27th 2017 — purpose - new website for the school. 

Hanalei Bay Family  

September 19th 2017 — I spent the last few days filming a wonderful family who have experenced the tragic loss of a loved one.  They hired me to film a life celebration. Naturally, being a very personal film, it’s not for public viewing. After a gathering at Black Pot (the pier at Hanalei Bay) the family arranged a boat trip for the next day.  Thank you for the experience, Cole and Darcy and all of the family. 


Thank you for reading my blog.  I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a vlog, kind of a behind the scenes of the video and photo shoots I do.   Until I  do I’ll contunue sharing tidbits in the written form. 

Somone recently asked me how I price my shoots. I stopped to think, and for a moment I didn’t have an answer. How does anyone price anything? Well it’s all about time, experience and my talent, I answered at length.  And then she asked me, “And are all of those things fixed in stone?”  Hmmm. 

I guess the bottom line here is: if I’ve quoted you for a shoot, or if you’ve seen a fee posted on this website or an ad I’ve got running someplace, and you’re not fully satisfied with that sum, it doesn’t hurt to ask me: Can you do better, or “Could you do it for x fee?”  Nuff said on this ...


Happy to have completed another HDR real estate project.  HDR is high dynamic range photography. I do not use strobes (camera flash)  I use the house lights. I turn on as many as I can and wait until it’s dark enough for them to appear decorative.   HDR can be used on any photo shoot, even a wedding portrait session, for a completely different kind of look.  

Doing it again

  • After twenty years of a great marriage, Katherine and James decided to reaffirm their love for each and their family—four strapping lads. So they had a vow renewal service and celebration in Kauai. I was lucky enough to be chosen to memorialize the event in pictures. What a great family. Loved it! 

Photo by David Ian Fraser (Difraser) Kauai videographer & photographer

The family. Photo by Kauai photographer Difraser

Sunset weddings, a true Kauai classic, videography and photography by Difraser 

Walking the drone

I’m in the shot ...

So I have this new drone. My wife was worried (you can see) as I’d yet to fly it.  Candidly, I’m not a complete novice. My other drone was almost as big as me, and it scared everyone who saw it, especially with me piloting.  So we took a stroll, me and the wife. We could have been walking the dog, or the cat. We strolled and the drone kept pace alongside. But the drone was begging to be let loose, so for just a minute, I let it fly.  

If you’re ready for the cinematic aerial look in your video, let me know.  Drone aerial photography/ videography adds a unique dimension to your story.  Aloha— Difraser.

Wedding videographer Kauai

Kauai videographer Difraser