New - Pet love photography - Kauai

Hello, my name is Stitch. My moma is Michi, the Kauai fine artist and freediver on the USA national team. She’ll be at the world’s freediving championships in Greece 2016 but I am staying home. Difraser will look after me.   

I didn’t know that pet photography/videography was a viable field until this morning.  Several years ago I made a video about my friend’s playful dog, but I never thought of adding pet photography or pet videography to my services menu. But this morning, out of the blue, the thought popped into my head. So I performed a Google search.  Low and behold, it’s a growing field.  So… as I love animals, and they  love me, I am availing myself to the Kauai community for pet love photography/videography. I don’t know what to charge. Not a lot, I guess. We’ll figure it out. But if you’d like striking, professional photos of you and your dog or dogs plural or your cat or cats plural, shoot me an e-mail.   Just Google Pet Photography to browse photos of pets and their owners- just adorable!   Footnote: several years ago I filmed a documentary about California’s largest cat sanctuary. You can see the video HERE