Davinci an editing option by Kauai wedding videographer Difraser

My first few moments on Davinci Resolve and wow! I’m blown away. No wonder it’s taken the post production community by storm.   I began grading GH4 footage (amazing camera) that I shot at the famous Wilcox estate in Hanalei this past weekend.   I’’ll post some before and after shots in a few days.  

I was contacted today by someone in Canada who wants a trash-the-dress video.  I haven’t been advertizing Trash videos for about 5 years, despite being one of the first to offer the service way back in 2009 back on the mainland. Back then I was charging $4500. I’m toying with the idea of a day-shoot, 2-person crew, 3-minute video for $950. Of course I won’t be able to do jib and long dolly shots for this fee, but I can still do an amazing video.