Shipwrecks Beach Kauai wedding videographer Difraser

Shipwrecks—popular like crazy for weddings. Understandably so for those staying in Poipu. And yes it is a very special location. But...IMHO way too common and too crowded with multiple wedding couples every day, all vying for the best spot, without a visible sunset in the summer months. Perhaps worse, cinematically the location is not dramatic when comapred to, for example, Hanalei Bay which in the summer is framed by misty mounatins, scattered boats, and a glistening sunset visible all the way until it sinks into ocean's azure horizon.     

Shiprecks - lazy summer beach for beach brides, and, if you get the very end of the beach for yourself without another bridal couple in the picture, an awesome location, but still not my favorite!   

For beach wedding photography my favorites are Queens Bath, Hideaways beach, Pua Poa Beach (next to the St. Regis), and Hanalei Bay.