The officiant’s head was sooo big - by Kauai wedding videographer Difraser

Recently, I added “ Simple Video” as an option to my creative services menu; and priced the service under $800. This came about because a   client told me that she just wanted something simple, a no frills video, not raw footage but something quick and easy to show her family back home so they could hear their vows.  

The day came. The wedding was meant to take place on a grassy plateau adjoining the golden sands of Hideways beach, a paradise teaming with glistening lava rocks, verdant foliage and swamping waves.  Only when the officiant arrived at the parking lot next to the bluff, he immediately announced that he would not walk down to the beach because of a bad back.  We had to settle on the bluff's plateau. It was hazy, cloudy, with intermittent sun. Not ideal. The lack of foreground foliage was a huge disappointment, in my opinion. But some might argue that there isn’t a bad view in Kauai. I placed my camera in the perfect spot to capture the bride and groom framed against the vast expanse of the Pacific, and dressed the groom and the officiant with wireless mikes. I told the officiant how I was going to frame the sequence.  

The wedding began and within a few seconds the officiant placed his hefty self in front of my camera, partially blocking the wedding couple. This often happens at weddings—the officiant forgets that the bride and groom are paying for a wedding video. Obviously, I was forced to move my camera.  The officiant moved again. Again my camera found itself out of position. This fidgety officiant did this over and over, throughout the ceremony. 

On a typical wedding video I shoot multiple angles with multiple cameras and I have a plethora of editing options, so if/when an officiant goes off the game plan, well, it’s no big deal.  But this was meant to be a simple video, If I started chasing angles I would be in for a regular post production slate.  

I ended up compromising. Obviously I wasn’t going to give this lovely young wedding couple a crappy video with a huge officiant’s head blocking them throughout. I moved around sparingly. Got enough great shots, and later I was able to edit the film in a few hours. 

So is there a lesson in this? Not really. But I do have a caveat for couples thinking of opting for the "simple video." The package is not comprehensive like my “Elope wedding video.”  

Would I say this simple video is a poor choice? Absolutely not. After putting the little film together, I’d say it’s an excellent choice for those on a really tight budget.