The decline of the traditional wedding video  - by Kauai wedding videographer Difraser

Not so long ago brides would boast, “My wedding video is 3 hours long.” A friend might reply, “well mine is 4!” Today, the trendiest wedding videos  are not even ten minutes long. In fact “ it-factor” wedding videos are as long as the song that plays.  Why are music wedding videos catching on? The answer:  Not boring at all to watch. Your video can be like a Katy Perry video. Filmed with sweeping camera shots usually obtained with a Steadycam, only the very best moments of the day go into the video. It’s style, style, style.  A long, traditional wedding video can be stylish, but the reality is most videographers are mindful of getting the entire ceremony filmed without missing something, or recording out of  focus, so they are fairly timid with motion.  With a music wedding video, the videographer is not concerned with the entire ceremony or a linear storytelling of your wedding, but instead he or she concentrates on imagination in images—a few fantasic shots to present the ceremony amidst a lyrical telling of the day, seen in daring motion shots, tricky reveals, fast tracking shots,  circular, low angle, and aerial shots. It’s a creative freedom license.