The decline of the traditional wedding video  - by Kauai wedding videographer Difraser

Not so long ago brides would boast, “My wedding video is 3 hours long,” and a friend might reply, “well mine is nearly 4 hours!” Today, the trendiest wedding videos in Europe (and now becoming popular in America) are not even ten minutes long. In fact “ it-factor” wedding videos are barely 6-minutes long, often without a spoken word in the video. They are music wedding videos. Why are they catching on? The answer:  They’re super stylish.  It’s like a Katy Perry video only it’s not Katy Perry. Filmed with sweeping camera shots usually obtained with a Steadycam, only the very best moments of the day go into the video, and the bride and groom come off as stars. While its true that a traditional wedding video can be stylish, the reality is most videographers are cautious with elaborate camera motion; they’re mindful of making certain that the entire ceremony gets recorded without mishaps: good focus, stable not shaky footage, and safe camera placement so as not to be out of position during a very important moment. With a music wedding video, the videographer is not concerned with the entire ceremony. He or she concentrates and getting a few fantasic looking shots to represent the ceremony. These can be daring motion shots, tricky reveals, fast tracking shots,  circular shots, low angle, and aerial—a  creative freedom license.