Difraser, a cobbled moniker from David Ian Fraser,  learned how to shoot with motion picture film cameras. He is co-owner of the boutique video production company Kauai Video Productions. His first film project on Kauai was 30 years ago.  So the first thing you get when your book me is a ton of experience!


Wedding videographer Kauai spaceship4

 Right after the wedding ceremony, Brian and Stephanie were abducted by horny aliens, who attempted to whisk them away in this spaceship.  Being the quick-witted, sharp-eyed, Kauai wedding videographer that I am, I bagged this shot, and used my photo reflector to blind the aliens. Then I saved the couple. Yup! I’m a hero! Or rather, a Kauai based wedding videographer, photographer and sometimes oddly imaginative graphic artist—so…was it really raining and nighttime, or was this shot taken at 2pm on a bright summer day?  Answer. The latter.