Best time for a photo shoot?

I’m asked this question all the time.  Thing is it’s kind of like: is the food at lunch better than the food at dinner? Or maybe even more specifically what’s the best food?

Fact is, it’s preference.    

  •  Blue seas, turquoise waters … mornings and afternoons. 
  • Shimmering seas dancing with warm light. Sunset. 
  • Bright photos .. mornings
  • Airy and diffused… Sunset

Sunset backlit natural light


2 PM  overhead sun


Afternoon sun sideways light


Post sunset - civil twilight photo flash


10AM morning natural light


A couple of last observations about sunset photoshoots. If the intent is backlit shots that are airy, sometime slightly hazy, sometimes falling into silhouette, sunsets are the way to go. If the intent is photos with blazing skies, streaked red and amber and deep blue, you might or might not be lucky enough to have such a sky but your photographer cannot guarantee it. Sometimes in Kauai our sunset skies are moody and cloudy and the bright setting sun casts hazy shimmers on the ocean’s surface so that waters looks more silver than blue. 

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