Corporate Rewards Photo Video

Corporate reward programs honor hard-working and talented corporate employees with all-paid trips to exotic locations such as here in Kauai. Along with co-workers (and sometimes a guest) the employees are treated to first class accommodations, given tickets to shows and extravaganzas, spoiled at luncheons and dinners, while talented planners take care of all the fun excursions, the hikes through remote jungle trails to spectacular waterfalls, ocean diving in royal blue waters along the  Napali Coast, rubber tubing in the mountains  and so on. At Kauai Video Productions, our job is to capture in photo and video the stunning island adventures had by all. Our team seamlessly gets into the mix and bags the perfectly timed photo/video as individuals of the group navigate the river in a kayak, get on the back of a horse for a first-time, shriek while zip-lining. etc, and we even capture those giddy moment at the bar. Then we edit all the photos and video of the trip into a spectacular show reel, ready to view by the entire group before it’s time to depart.  Please consider/ recommend Kauai Video Productions for island corporate adventures’ videography and photography.  This article was posted on 

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