I’m seeking an introduction to a reputable literary agent who will read one of my YA novel manuscripts. If you know a literary agent that’s active in the industry, that handles YA or  NA and you can arrange for her/ him to read one of my manuscripts, then we have a deal for a trade—I will photograph your Kauai wedding or make your Kauai based video free of financial charge. Even if the agent decides not to represent me, we still have a deal, as long as it’s a legitimate read. A “dear author” pass is not a legitimate read; a pro form rejection is not a legitimate read; a rejection that does not offer any comment or advice about the characters or plotting means my manuscript has not been read or even partially read and I would not consider that a ligitimate read. That’s it. Oh, except if the agent does decide to represent me, and sells my manuscript, I will pay you a one-time finder’s fee of the domestic contract amount 5% up to $25,000.

2nd oh… Am I any good? Yes. I have one book already published; I was a runner-up 2012 Amazon’s ABNA awards; I have penned several screenplays.   

Thank you for reading this.  Carter Benwall, AKA David Marsh.   Contact me