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Light. Shadow. Mood. Passion. All are on my mind when I’m behind my camera on a shoot, be it a video sequence or a wedding photoshoot, family photoshoot, or for that matter any and all photo and video sessions. My company name (Kauai Video Productions) might lead you to believe that my focus and drive is on video.  But that would belie who I really am and what I do. These days I spend far more time on family and couples photoshoots than I do wedding videos or commercials. I love photography. I love editing photos. I am confident that if you look through my photography galleries (at some of the tens of thousands of photos I have taken in my professional photography career) you will feel my passion. Here on my blog you’ll see a mix of me,  my life as a Kauai wedding videographer, Kauai photographer, visual artist. Bottom line.  I’m in love with light.  

Amazing Hanalei Photo package 

(For couples and families of 3 or 4)


The photo session starts with you in day clothes at Hanalei Town, cruising stores, restaurants, posing outside iconic landmarks such as the bridge into Hanalei and one or two famous Hanalei signs. 

Then we move to the beach at the bay where you can change into swimsuits for fun and photos, leaping into the ocean, making as much splash as possible, frolicking around; here I’ll shoot both candids and posed shots.   

45-photo package — $540 

60-photo package $640

(The session runs upwards of 90 minutes) 


Life Celebration in Kauai

In Memoriam - Kauai family ceremony honoring the family patriarch, spreading of the ashes in the ocean. Tasteful celebration of life. Film edited by David Marsh, photography and direction by David Marsh, drone aerials by Steven Rodgers. 

Best time for a photo shoot?

I’m asked this question all the time.  Thing is it’s kind of like: is the food at lunch better than the food at dinner? Or maybe even more specifically what’s the best food?

Fact is, it’s preference.    

  •  Blue seas, turquoise waters … mornings and afternoons. 
  • Shimmering seas dancing with warm light. Sunset. 
  • Bright photos .. mornings
  • Airy and diffused… Sunset

Sunset backlit natural light


2 PM  overhead sun


Afternoon sun sideways light


Post sunset - civil twilight photo flash


10AM morning natural light


A couple of last observations about sunset photoshoots. If the intent is backlit shots that are airy, sometime slightly hazy, sometimes falling into silhouette, sunsets are the way to go. If the intent is photos with blazing skies, streaked red and amber and deep blue, you might or might not be lucky enough to have such a sky but your photographer cannot guarantee it. Sometimes in Kauai our sunset skies are moody and cloudy and the bright setting sun casts hazy shimmers on the ocean’s surface so that waters looks more silver than blue. 

Photo shoot on crowded beach

 Hanalei Bay 11/2/2021

Kate0580J9A6233 copy


Behind the scenes shoot

Doing photography and throwing off his trucker hat is David. Brad is using the Ronin stabilizer and getting some awesome video, and Brendan, out of sight, is flying the drone. The team! Sunsets at the Beach. October 2021 wedding.

Magical family photo shoot

A few days ago, when the weather was a bit dicy, I photographed a family  not at the beach, which I usually do, but in the garden of their vacation rental. I decided to pull out my magic flying rabbit for their lil girl.  Boy, was she surprised when she found out that she could fly. 


On my morning walk

Hihimanu lying in mountain mist, one minute walk from my front door.  The mountain isn’t at close as it looks—an illusion created with my super telephoto lens. Do you want such a background in your portrait photo sesssion?   I guess the question really is: can you climb a palm tree? 

Makai long shot


Taken roughly two hundred feet from the subjects...

On the fly

  This family from San Diego were passing by on the way to Queens Bath so I asked if they’d mind me taking a few shots as they walked.   Canon R with Sigma 85mm at f.1.4


Photography and videography assistant

The first step is to fill out this form so that when we speak I’ll have a heads up.  

Flame Trees Princeville

Stunning Flame trees (Royal Poinciana) are blossoming. Taking a walk along Ka Haku Road in Princeville, I passed about forty of these colorful trees.I didn’t have my camera with me but I snapped a few with my iphone—something I rarely do.   


Skating Bride Website

Wedding films — 


wedding films

Boys and Girls Club Hawaii video

Filmed on May 13th 2021. Edited and posted  on Youtube 24 hous later. Thanks to Tina, JR, and all the kids at the Kapaa branch that made this possible. 


I still need to shoot

April 10… Passover and Good Friday. Even in the middle of the pandemic, my camera needs a workout. So do I. We (wife and I) leave our house, walk fifteen minutes, staying clear of the few passerby, as we head to the plateau above Hanalei, some of the best scenic views on the island.  When this health crisis is over you’ll come and visit. I’d love to shoot for you.   


Leap Year Day shoot

The day February 29th occurs only once every four years. On that day, the year of our Olympics 2020, I ventured to the south side for a quickie photo shoot. Here’s a few of the photographs.


The Day After

 “The Day After” is a current trend in continuing wedding photography/ video.  For couples not immediately embarking on their honeymoon, choosing a second day is really rewarding; it’s like the day after Christmas—Boxing Day in many countries—where the celebration continues without the nerves and the  preparation. Couples get to be pampered by the paparazzi, or rather, a polite photographer/videographer. How many times in one’s life do you get to be on a media pedestal?  Furthermore,  think forward a bunch of years—when your kids see how wild you were, like when you leapt from a cliff fifty feet into the ocean in your wedding gown  or how you starred in your very own personal love story movie, like the one below.   What a cherished keepsake! For some couples, we incorporate scenes from the wedding day into the “Day After” movie, which, by the way, can be on a day or week or month before or after the wedding.  Call me or text me (David)at 808-278-8643 and let’s work on your Day After.  

ERic and Pui


Corporate Rewards Photo Video

Corporate reward programs honor hard-working and talented corporate employees with all-paid trips to exotic locations such as here in Kauai. Along with co-workers (and sometimes a guest) the employees are treated to first class accommodations, given tickets to shows and extravaganzas, spoiled at luncheons and dinners, while talented planners take care of all the fun excursions, the hikes through remote jungle trails to spectacular waterfalls, ocean diving in royal blue waters along the  Napali Coast, rubber tubing in the mountains  and so on. At Kauai Video Productions, our job is to capture in photo and video the stunning island adventures had by all. Our team seamlessly gets into the mix and bags the perfectly timed photo/video as individuals of the group navigate the river in a kayak, get on the back of a horse for a first-time, shriek while zip-lining. etc, and we even capture those giddy moment at the bar. Then we edit all the photos and video of the trip into a spectacular show reel, ready to view by the entire group before it’s time to depart.  Please consider/ recommend Kauai Video Productions for island corporate adventures’ videography and photography.  This article was posted on 

Why do I need a professional wedding video?

Iphones take amazing video, even good enough for the big screen. So why should you hire a professional videographer when you can use a small tripod, place your phone on it and hit record?  There are a few really important reasons why you shouldn’t DIY. Sound is one. Thousands of couples say “I do” on our spectacular Kauai beaches, with thundering waves and thirty mile an hour trade winds gusting in the background. On your DIY video you’ll definitely hear the trade winds and the roaring ocean.  But you won’t hear your vows.  Professional sound is but one of the advantages of using a pro. Multiple cameras is another. The professional shoots simultaneous angles which adds dimensionality to the video; and the pro’s bag of tools (stabilizers, sliders, video fluid heads) quickly distance her/him from the point-and-shoot enthusiast.  A professional for your wedding video will likely be one of your best decisions for your destination wedding in Kauai. 

Puu Poa beach Kauai just engaged kiss



One thousand years ago...

Late summer in the year 1011 the Vikings plundered Southern England and proceeded to burn Canterbury Cathedral.  In 1011, the Norman conquest of Southern Italy was ongoing and would last another 27 years.  In 1011, the rein of emperor Ichijō, the 66th emperor of Japan, came to an abrupt end.   

For me, 1011 in the Julian calendar is a remarkable year for another reason. On January 1st that year just 2 numbers appeared on the date.  O and 1.  The occurrence of just two numbers in a calendar date would not occur for over a thousand years. 

Now we are on the cusp of that unusual date, forty generations after the Danes invaded Canterbury. 

The date February 2nd 2020 when viewed in a double digit format 02.02.2020 — has only 2 numerals 

Feb 2nd was also my dad's birthday.

 If you book me for photography or video on this date you will get a 2-digit discount! 20% off - one day offer only! 

Kauai Style: Episode 1 - Officiants 

 Wedding Professional Series. Episode 1 “Officiants”  If you are having/ planning a wedding in Kauai, this video might be a valuable tool in your research, as you’ll see in action the best non-religious officiants on Kauai, ideal for elopement weddings, vow renewals, and events that require official services by a licensed officiant.      

 Diamond Light Photography

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Family fun at Puu Poa beach

The great thing about Kauai’s north shore Puu Poa beach is the sheer volume of different backgrounds it offers. Walk ten paces and you appear to be in an entirely different place; slosh through a stream, pose at the river, enter the saturated forest or is it a jungle with scores of mangled ironwood and banyan trees?  At the end of the beach there’s a roughtrodden trail that leads up an incline to the ruins also known as the ridge above Hanalei.  In an hour I can take you through it all.


Sunset photography

As the day comes to a close and the sun begins to hide its brilliant face and a warm ruddy glow shimmies atop the ocean's weary surface, it's the perfect time to take photos, as long as you’re willing to forsake brightly definable faces in favor of silhouetted figures  dappled with spangles of diamond light. But you cannot really bank on it—that is bank on getting what you want.  

Sunset shoots are at the mercy of the sun…but even when the sun cooperates, its mighty power is often too dazzling for the mechanics of even the world's best cameras and lenses. Streams of intense light on the horizon cause facial features to slide into shadow and fractured silhouette. Now silhouette is awesome for a few shots but an entire photo session? No. This is why on sunset shoots I always have to weave in some additional light, and I don’t mean on-camera flash which produces a very unrealistic image.   Lights. Lighstands. Reflectotrs. Diffusers. Yup. That’s the stuff. This is why I charge slightly more for sunset shoots, to cover the cost of having an assistant help me lug around all this lighting stuff, so that you get the most amazing photos.      


Who be me?

 I came across this nifty article on the world’s best known wedding photographers and I thought to myself, how do I compare? Well, I looked at their shots and I certainly saw some fantastic stuff—big budget locations, big budget houses with spreading lawns and stunning brides in designer wedding gowns and more designer wedding gowns and more breathtaking locations.  I was impressed. However, I seriously believe my talent and experience keeps me in a level playing field with the best of them. Each photographer in the article was asked some specific questions, so I’ve decided to ask myself similar questions.  These are my answers.  

Whats my signature Aesthetic? I seem to automatically lean toward an impact shot for each location. In Kauai it often means a dramatic background to frame an authentic moment with the couple. Sometimes it means finding a background that doesn’t overshadow or steal from that moment. Light and shadow is never out of my mind.  

Specialties:  Hybrid photography — a merger of stylish video and photography to tell a more complete story for weddings. 

Ideal Client:  Unique, a bit quirky, loose, lively, daring, coy—this pretty well sums up virtually every client. We’re all unique and I’ve never met two identical couples. Each has their own special qualities. By identifying at least one of them, I can style my photos to match the best of the client.  

How many weddings per year?  You might find the number low: 20-25 per year.  As a percentage of my other creative endeavors, it’s about 20%.  

What makes me different?  I hate this question. It makes for a bloated ego.  But here it is: I’m game. I’m happy to get into the ocean to get the shot. I’ll hang out of a helicopter—I actually have! I’ll scale the mountain—hopefully  won’t lose one of my lenses, which has happened. So there you have it.   



"I do…I mean, I don’t!" 

Cold feet! You know what it is, right? In the months prior to the wedding it is apparently a common emotional experience. A UCLA survey determined that, at times, in flitting thoughts, 38% of engaged individuals feel some level of panicked uncertainty.  In some surveys the number is as high as 82% with a caveat— psychologists agree that it is quite normal. What I was hoping to learn in my research, however, is more than knowing who gets cold feet but a variant of the question; You’ve probably witnessed it in the movies. It’s the scene at the alter where the bride or groom realizes that their other half is not going to show. Maybe you’ve seen an even more dramatic version: the minister asks “Do you take X as your lawfully bla-bla-bla …” and we see the grimace of doubt, a horribly long pause, and suddenly he (groom) or she (bride) leaps off the podium and bolts for the exit.  So my question is, does this really happen in real life, and if so how often?  As a wedding photographer whose shot several hundred weddings, I’ve never witnessed anything close to it—at one wedding,  the bride arrived 3 hours late due to a complication and all the while the groom kept drinking. By the time the ceremony started he was so drunk he needed to be propped up and he slurred his “I do,” and later puked. I figured some have seen worse. So I began asking the question. For my research, I’ve interviewed Kauai’s best known wedding ministers and officiants.  


We’ve cancelled our wedding!

The heading should actually read “Dear Guests…we’re sorry but we’ve cancelled our wedding.” A true story! What makes this an even more dramatic announcement is the fact that the wedding is a destination wedding and the guests were already arriving; some had travelled more than six thousand miles, expecting to attend a wedding that had been scheduled for the next day.  Ouch!!! Point is: It’s not just one true story! Cancelled weddings are a reality.  But is leaping off the podium and dashing for the exit after the minister’s said “Do you take Jane Whatshername as your lawfully wedded… bla-bla-bla” a reality? This subject is explored in my new investigative vlog “I do…I mean, I don’t!” coming to my website and shared on many other websites next month.  Stay tuned! 


All hail…here comes royalty 


When you get married in Hawaii, ukulele music might fill your ears, or maybe your musician will play the ukeke or maybe even the pahu. You’ll probably have a lei placed around your neck.  Leis are tokens of love and aloha. Grooms often wear a garland of green leaves (manly) rather than Kika or jasmine blossoms.  At the beginning of your ceremony, the conch might be blown, especially if it’s a beach elopement—a Hawaiian tradition that dates back to the time when the conch was blown to announce the arrival of Alii or Royalty.  Your officiant might smash open a coconut and spill the milk on the sand, and then ask you to rest your forehead on your partner’s forehead.  But you’re unlikely to experience a wedding tradition in Hawaii that will shock you. If your breath is taken away, it’s probably because you’re standing on the most dramatic beach you’ve ever seen, not because you’ve been punched in the gut for good luck or because your guests have suddenly gone berserk, yelling and laughing and banging and rattling pots and pans.  This pot banging business is an actual wedding ritual that was once commonplace in parts of Europe, especially in the middle ages. It’s still practiced today at some weddings. They call it Charivari in France, In Northern England, skimmington.  Family and friends gather outside the house of the newly weds and make pot-and-pan music or the din of a lifetime.  The wedding couple has to bring out food and drinks and endure the racket. 

How about this tradition: in some parts of Korea a groom can expect to be slapped about with a dead fish, apparently to prepare him for his first night of  marriage. The connotation is darn right unspeakable.  In Scotland, there’s the old Scots blackening ritual. Wedding gatherers throw all sorts of black and brown vile things at the couple before the wedding—if they can accept the disgusting, stinky mess they can endure anything.  Then there’s Chinese tears training — the bride-to-be spends a month before the wedding learning how to weep like a professional. They smash dishes in Germany and Swedes aren’t just noted for their meatballs, they’re known for kissing and spitting on the bride and groom—yup, a very Swedish thing, I’m told.   So if a young man places a whale’s tooth in your palm, I’m guessing that you’re a father, and the young man is asking for your daughter’s hand in marriage—a Fiji thing! 

If you know of other slightly strange wedding traditions, I’d love to hear from you—Mahalo— David.

Featured video Dec 2019

The wedding video I’m featuring today is from a few years ago but because it’s one of my favorites (it’s got some very wacky guests) I wanted to revisit it. Craig and Erin came all the way from Sydney Australia to get married here in Hanalei—not as an elopement but with all of their family and friends in tow. The reason: Erin is an American; her family lives on the mainland; Craig is an Aussie, who doesn’t play cricket, and his family lives in Australia. Craig has a platoon of close friends, most from his neck of the woods, and Erin’s family-and-friend circle is not exactly small either.  Kauai just so happens to be the halfway point between the USA mainland and Australia.  So the friends and family came all the way from there and they came all the way from the other there. The planning took over a year.  What you see here in the video is a testimonial sequence lifted from the full length feature, which runs over an hour long, which is not typical but Erin wanted a very full documentation of her wedding day.  Just so you know, this is a premium package video. We filmed for six hours. It was a lot of fun. 

Lots of laughs, Champagne, and church bells.


Why edit photographs 

 What your eyes see is not what a camera sees.  A camera approximates eyesight vision based on the photographer’s light and back focus settings. We call this the exposure—a term that is basically meaningless to our eyes. To our eyes, if it’s bright outside it’s bright; when it’s almost night, it’s dark. If we’re inside a candlelit room it probably looks moody, and when we’re sitting on the beach staring at the ocean as the sun sets it’s glorious and if we’re wise we won’t stare directly into the sun.  In photography, it’s not that straightforward.  Imagine it’s noontime and you’re in the middle of a sweeping grassy field fringed by lofty trees to your left and several dramatic gray clouds above.  I’m taking photos of you strolling along, the lofty trees sitting in shade are in the background. My camera's exposure settings would show you in the best light so that you don’t appear excessively underexposed or greatly overexposed. I could give you the photos right out of the camera and you might say, “Good enough; you love the pose, and you don’t need the photo edited.” But in the photo the sky is white and you cannot discern the dramatic cloud formations like you can with your eyes.  The lofty trees on your left are kind of dark without much detail, but, well, you can’t see much detail over there with your eyes anyway. So let me talk about editing. When I edit photos I work two tracks. The first track is basic editing. The second is creative. On the basic track, the first thing I do is adjust the photograph’s light, not as an overall photo adjustment,  which you could do yourself with just about any photo application, but in seperate areas of the photo. I typically increase light in the shadows, often bringing up more detail than your eyes could discern. I then reduce the exposure of the highlight areas, which might include a modification called dehazing, so the details of the clouds, so dramatic to your eyes, reappear. This might be all that’s required In basic editing. However, on some photos additional basic editing maybe required, such as straightening the photo’s horizon, cropping and or recomposing, maybe simple object removal. Then I move onto creative photo editing. This is a very time consuming process, but it’s an art that can elevate enormously the look of each photograph.  I might use image filters and matte techniques to add a mood or a particular theme if it’s appropriate for the photo sequence. Sometimes  I’ll stretch the photo’s background to make the image more dramatic, or I’ll replace the background. Sometimes I’ll move onto beautifying the subject/s by removing blemishes and wrinkles, dark rings and puffiness under the eyes, making thinner, younger, more energetic looking. Occasionally, I add rain or more rain than what shows in the natural photo. I might add lightning, stormy clouds or a shaft of sunlight streaming out of the clouds, or a flaming sunset entering the velvety blue ocean. I make composites. In the images below there’s a before the edit and after.  The before (top photo) shows that the day was bleak, rainy, a bit drab. In the second image you can see that I added warmth, a shaft of sunlight (left), and some subtle color to the sky. I got rid of the stick sticking out of the sand. I streched the background to the left and right of the couple making a more dramatic, wider photograph without altering the dimensions of the couple; in other words the second image is NOT a blow up. There was nothing wrong with the original shot. But the finished edited photo, that I also cropped at the bottom, is just so much better.     


Hollywood production protocol for weddings 

"Give me a cutaway, a reversal, and don’t cross the line.”  Language that makes complete sense to you, right?  How about “Roll sound?” Maybe you’re familiar with that one, where the movie   sound guy is told to start the recorder, and  the slate person places the slate in front of the camera and the AD says “Mark it! “ But I bet you’ve never witnessed it at a wedding.  If you think I’m going to tell you I do all of this at weddings and events, well, no. But I do follow the most intrinsic protocols, the stuff  taught to me many years ago when I was a supernumerary at Pinewood Film Studios in England. I was seventeen and I’d quit school early because I hated school. My initial training started with knowing the difference between emulsion and celluloid, key numbers and reel numbers, how to recognize fogged film, to know what butterflies, HMI's and scrims are and how and when to use them—a training that  lasted ten years, as I worked my way up the ladder, becoming a  film and TV editor, a director of independent art films, before I decided to DP and write. After three decades in the film and TV business i decided that I wanted to be a writer of fiction.   To this day, I get really excited to go out and shoot. For photography,  I typically use 2 cameras, one strapped over each shoulder, so that I can easily switch focal lengths without changing lenses.  For video, I mostly shoot with 3 cameras, plus specialized cameras for aerial or underwater.    


At Shipwreck Beach

 Destination Elope  I hour of coverage. See options

She walked slowly, her thin shoes not completely shielding her feet from the hot sand. She was nervous and excited in the same breath. Shore waves, about three feet tall, crashed along the shoreline, and misty sea-spray made her aubern hair glisten.  She took a deep breath, tasting the briny Pacific ocean elixir on her lips.  She squinted. There wasn’t a shipwreck in sight.  But she could see her man, faced away from her, waiting for her. Her heart began to beat even faster.

Not that I really knew what was going on in the bride’s mind at that moment; I just guessed.  I had been hired to capture these moments on video.  It’s a typical scene experienced by thousands of wedding couples at this particular beach: Shipwrecks Beach. My mind drifted and I wondered how many ‘shipwreck beaches’ are there? I know that in Greece there’s a Shipwreck Beach that some call Smuggler’s Cove. And I’ve heard that Oregon has a Shipwrecks beach, as does Washington State. In Hawaii there are at least two that I know of, the one at Lanai, aptly named Shipwrecks because it really does have mangled sea vessels littering its shore, and the one that I was on at that very moment: Shipwreck Beach, Poipu, Kauai. But here you wont actually find a shipwreck, not anywhere along the beach or along the spectacular coast. You will, however, see the iconic rock face—Makawehi Point—a sandstone landmark which the bride was presently heading to, and where her groom was waiting. You might have heard about this particular beach for another reason: This is where locals (and some brave tourists) leap thirty-five feet off the rock into the turbulent Pacific. Notably, Harrison Ford and Anne Heche jumped from it for the movie, “6 Days and 7 Nights.”  It’s just a short walk along the sand from the Hyatt Regency and other Poipu resorts, which might also be why so many wedding couples choose this location.  Waves smash again the cliff and when it’s really hot, wedding couples can move twenty feet from the water’s edge and find shade under the canopy of lush ironwood trees. It’s idyllic for dramatic photography and videography. The image below is pulled directly from the video, filmed by me at Shipwreck’s on November 11th 2019.

A footnote:  there used to be an old weather-beaten boat lying at the water’s edge. It sat there for many years, and that’s where the name, I guess, came from.

If you know of another Shipwrecks Beach, I’d love to hear about it. Shoot me an email at  

Elopement at Tunnels

Early morning intimate wedding on Kauai’s north shore, Tunnels Beach. Photographer David Marsh, officiant Julie Wirtz, the lucky couple Tracy and Jeff. Here’s a few of the photos.  Note: Tune;s Beach was just recently reopened to te bublic after being closed for fifteen months due to the devastating thunderstorms of April 2018.  See MORE 




Golden Vow Renewal Kauai 

50 years and going strong! They’re from Irvine, California, and decided to repeat their vow at the Japanese Gardens, Kalaheao, Kauai.  To memoriaize the occassion, they chose the tripod video and photography package.  MORE

Golden vow renewal Kauai, Harold performed by Harold Kilborn

If you choose the tripod video, you’ll have your wedding video right after the ceremony on the SD camera card. Professionally shot, a wide angle view sometimes zoomed into a medium shot (as seen above). The audio is suberb, recorded with a lavalier microphone feeding the camera wirelessly. Select the tropod  video with the simple photo package and you’ll have photographs and video of your special occasion for just $500.  

Wedding at the bay

An esscence wedding video — seeing, hearing and feeling the special day but without the wordiness. Just the very best ingredients.     

Kauai photography locations

I’m known for saying “there isn’t a bad photo-op place anywhere in Kauai.” It’s true. In fact, the perfect photo-op location is usually no more than a hundred yards away. Many years ago, in the middle of a very arduous film shoot, we found ourselves falling behind schedule. It was late afternoon and the entire crew had stopped off at the Princeville Center for some refreshments. We still had to get 3 shots in the can before nightfall or we’d fall behind schedule, and the shots needed to be in a jungle location. We’d chosen Kilauea but as I looked up from my water bottle my eyes fell on a banana bush next to a palm tree and some rough-trodden sugarcane grass. "Long lens. Tight shot. Jungle,” I said to myself. Sure enough, we shot the sequence right there, a stone’s throw from Foodland. You’d never know it when looking at the sequence in the movie. It was perfect. Dense unihabited jungle, thousands of miles from civilization.  The north shore has so many great areas for your photo session.  Beaches of course, but everyone expects that. I think the mountains are even more spectacular. And the forests are breathtaking. Here’s a few shots from my back yard, well, not exactly, but truly walking distance from my home.   


The day after wedding photo sessions


The day after photo sessions have been a big wedding thing in 2019.  Wedding website One Fab Day predicted the trend and they were right. I’ve been doing the day after wedding shoots for years. The advantage of having a 2nd day of wedding photography is going to multiple locations;here in Kauai it’s a different beach, the rain forest, perhaps one of the sparkling turquoise lakes or cascading waterfalls, all of this creating an added dimension to your wedding album. The day after wedding shots here are from a 90-minute session, and we covered 6 locations on the north shore, another 100 stunning photographs for the album.  

Film tools added dimension

The film crane and its junior partner the jib arm are perhaps the most used film tools in professional film and television production. These styling tools elevate the look of the production.   It’s a must have for anyone desiring the very best look for their video.

Film tools add-on package $300

★ Operator/ grip for up to 2 hrs 
★  Jib arm - level plane low shots to above head. 
★ Video slider - for the finest short sliding motion
★ 3-axis video stablizer for buttery-smooth hand held shots. 



Looking off into the distance, thinking, imagining, wondering. Subtle but oh so good. 

Photographs by Kauai photographer David Marsh…




Kauai high school kids

Always a pleasure to photograph kids. I never know what I’m going to get cuz they just do their thing, and that’s fine by me! 

—David Marsh,  author, videographer, cinematographer

Wanted - Literary Agent

Are you a literary agent that represents YA authors? ? Do you know a literary agent that represents YA, well enough to call her/him on my behalf? If so, I’d be happy to talk to you about potentially doing your photography or video session at no charge. Put in another way: if you are able to get a lit agent to read one of my manuscripts, I will absolutely shoot your session at no charge. 

Email me at  — See David’s YA fiction HER

What is a wedding video?

In my career I’ve hired and trained many eager-to-learn videographers. One of my questions in the hiring process is: what would you strive for in a wedding video?  The most common answer: ”make it a story with a begining, a middle and an end.” Fancy that! Another answer is:  "make it entertaining,” and then there’s “our job is to capture the emotion,” like it’s a rodent on the run, bagged and tagged. True,  every videographer loves it when the bride or groom cries during personal vows.  Emotion gushes. Video is rolling!  Captured!  

But this isn’t  story-telling. Neither is superbly stylish videography, fancy video editing, awesome music editing, etc. But… to be candid,  most couples don’t want more than this, and they’re truly excited to have something as polished to show to their family and friends back and one day to their children. HOWEVER,  for those who want real story-telling, like in the movies, it can happen, it can be crafted. Foremost, storytelling comes in the planning. It requires collaboration, an overall idea that’s then turned into a blueprint, then a shot list for your wedding.  


1. A wave crashing ashore on a deserted beach

2. Man’s foot - close up, on that deserted beach—not deserted after all.  

3. Sand ripples blowing across the beach - the sound of the breeze.

4. Palm tree fronds high up, with sun glints, almost blinding.

5. Man’s foot again - pacing. 

6. A sand crab runs into the water. 

7. Bride’s feet. She’s walking. She pauses, hesitates…after all, it’s a big decision.  

8. Bride’s veil - close up, blowing in the breeze. We have yet to see her face. 

9. Groom's hand. Nervous fingers. 

10. Close up: his eyes, pan down his chest. We HEAR his heartbeat, thumping loudly. 

11. Full shot of bride; she’s made up her mind; her eyes are bright, she resumes walking, her expression full of hope and excitement,  

12. Groom looks up, sees her, and beams. 




Kauai wedding photography  

Right out of the camera on the SD card after the 2-hour session.  


Comp carolina






Anini beach sunset shoot

Sunset hour wedding  



Tripod wedding video 

Kauai wedding video $199 single camera

Image from video 



A Proposal

Summer evening 2019 — a surprise proposal. Read the story HERE

Zac web comp


Photography by David Marsh

Blue wedding gown

A stunning blue wedding gown…it’s not everyday that we see a Kauai beach wedding where the bride wears a gown so beautifully different. I was lucky enough to film bride Lara in her stunning turquoise blue wedding gown. Mitchell, the groom, was stunned as he didn’t know about the gown. Just a quick note: These shots are video frames, pulled from the wedding video, as the photographer that day was the delightful Naomie.  

Kauai wedding winter time at the beach, with blue wedding gown.
Hanalei Bay wedding, blue gown shot
Misty ocean wedding ceremony Kauai and the bride wore blue
Kauai wedding bride and groom touch forehead during ceremony


Kauai family photos
Family photographs by Kauai Video Productions
Kauai vacation professionally taken photographs
Kauai family photo sessions call 808-212-9742
Kauai photographer family photos
Photography Kauai family photos

Video arcade






When i place a bride and groom in front of verdant shrubbery, lit softly by the natural light of the golden hour, I am breath stripped. When I stare at wavestops awash in a patch of sunlight, while two or three torchlit rainshafts stream out of the lazy mists that always caress the sides of the mountain, I am lost —how can I not be spellbound? Click, click, click, I work my camera. Sometimes I tell the person I’m photographing to move this way or that, chin up a bit, slight turn to your left, etc, etc. but mostly I let the moments flow. I chat beforehand; we discuss moods, attitudes. needless to say, certain set pieces require some coordination. I try my hardest to make sure that my clients really enjoy the photography session.  




_MG_4796sm copy-2



A Holocaust Survivor’s Story  

Two weeks ago (early Nov, 2018) I was asked to film a very special event here in Kauai, Dr. Jacob Eisenbach live - one of the few living survivors of the Auschwitz death camps in Nazi Germany.   Here’s a glimpse.


South side hybrid photography

Here are a few of the photographs from the “Love is in the air” photo shoot.  And see the video. Trust me. It’s good! For the photographs I though bright and colorful would be nice, rather than muted tones, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately.

Don't let me go. Kauai photo from the love is in the air video and photo shoot
Is it me you're looking for? Kauai wedding photo
The day before the wedding at Poipu beach Kauai
Notice the colorful sneakers; all the wedding party wore these. Comfy!


Best photographers Baltimore

Megan and Garret Pitts photographers from Baltimore

Aloha Megapixels Media Photography

Meet Megan and Garrett Pitts, an extrordinarly talented  husband and wife team passionate about photographing couples who are deeply in love.  Megan and Garrett are from Baltimore, Maryland, however they love to travel,  meet new people, and share extraordinary stories.  I’m hoping to see them here in Kauai.  Megapixel Media’s website. 


Vintage Kauai photography

Not all weddings have to look the same. Kauai photographer Difraser. 

Hybrid Elopement wedding video 


 See rates.  

Planning wedding videography

  • Pre wedding cinematography -  when you want a wedding video that shows more than  your ceremony. It can mean communicating with your wedding cinematographer ahead of the big day, and discussing the types of scenes  you think might be great. This might be traditional type scenes, like getting ready, and guests arriving and or giving testimonials, and a montage of the reception.  Or it can mean something  completely and utterly different, like having the cinamtographer create a mini movie about your Kauai trip.    
  • Pre wedding film ideas:  this can include themes for the video, such as romantic, adventurous, dangerous, going for laughs, or just about anything you can think of. It can even mean filming scenes that match the lyrics in a particular song.  
  • Pre wedding photography - this is when you have specific ideas that you’d like to share with your photographer, to make sure that she / he includes the types of shots that you want in your wedding photography album / slideshow. 



I was hired to film aerials of land owned by Princeville.   Views that one only dreams of. Imagine, not too long ago it would have been prohibitively expensive to get these kinds of shots—a helicopter and a harness to lean out of the chopper’s open door.  Many moons ago I did that. I leaned out of the open door of a chopper to film the Napali coast.   But these shots were taken with my buddy Steven Rodger’s quad.  Thanks to Steven for stepping up at the last moment, as my drone was in the shop.   

The highest quality aerial photography in Kauai

Kauai Aerial drone photography and videography by Kauai Video Productions 

Kauai High School Photo Shoot

Photography session:  September 27th 2017 — purpose - new website for the school. 

Happy to have completed another HDR real estate project.  HDR is high dynamic range photography. I do not use strobes (camera flash)  I use the house lights. I turn on as many as I can and wait until it’s dark enough for them to appear decorative.   HDR can be used on any photo shoot, even a wedding portrait session, for a completely different kind of look.  

Walking the drone

I’m in the shot ...

August 29th 2017 — So the day I got this new drone, my wife was worried that I'd do something silly, like try to piggy-back ride on it. Candidly, I’m not a complete novice. My other drone was almost as big as me, and it scared everyone who saw it, especially with me piloting.  So to appease the wife, we took a stroll. We could have just as easily been walking the dog, or the cat. We strolled, the drone kept pace, but after a while the drone begged to be cut loose.  

If you’re ready for the cinematic aerial look in your video, let me know.  Drone aerial photography/ videography adds a higher dimension to your story.   

Wedding videographer Kauai



Hanalei Ridge

Difraser wedding photographer at the ruins with Zenovia

Have camera will go anywhere… even if it’s a Gopro snap. 

Put up a small canopy on the left side, the couple should be standing roughly where Zenovia is … what a master shot!   This is the ruins at Princeville, above Hanalei Bay.  The video BELOW was filmed without sound, just so that you can get an idea of what the ruins are like, photographically and cinematically.  

 Wedding videographer Kauai

Kauai videographer Difraser



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