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 I’m Difraser--David Ian Fraser. Here’s a bunch of goodies related to Kauai videography and Kauai photography, like behind the scenes,  reviews,  tips, ideas, discoveries, insights, equipment, venues, no-nos unlike  know-knows or no-nose and man have I said all of this in one sentence?  I think my English professor would have slapped me down for getting lost in a run-on. Oh well. Below is goofy me (David) flying a drone at a snail’s pace. You'll glimpse my back yard, which most of the world calls the Pacific Ocean. 

A Proposal

Summer evening 2019 — a surprise proposal

Zac web comp


Hanalei Family Shoot

Sunset photography Hanalei Bay July 2019

 I loved filming Ryan, Heather and Heath, sunset hour at Hanelei Bay.  Heath wasn’t particulary interested having his picture taken, but every once in a while he would look up, especially when I placed a sand crab on my head—whatever it takes to get the shot!  

Kauai baby bump shoot

Hanalei Baythe pier, sunset hour, cloudy with gaps where the sun peaks through,  sprinkels on and off. In a word: spectacular.  

IMG 6534-Edit-2-c


I so happened to have my 135mm on my camera 

My 135mm prime is a lens I rarely use. Not that I don’t like it; I like it a lot, but for portraits for the longest time I’ve been using my 85mm and sometimes my 50mm. If I’ve needed wider, I would usually put on the 35mm 1.4 that I own, or my 24-105, as I no longer own the 24-70. But today I had my 135mm F2 prime on my camera. It was late in the afternoon, and my wife and I went for a walk . Than we sat down at the pond, and I took a few shots. I’ve posted them because I fell in love with the 135 all over again. I think I might even use it on my next portaiture shoot. I’ll just have to get used to backing up if a need head-to-feet shots with scenic.  Looking for a Princeville photographer?  Hey there!



Blue wedding gown

A stunning blue wedding gown…it’s not everyday that we see a Kauai beach wedding where the bride wears a gown so beautifully different. I was lucky enough to film bride Lara in her stunning turquoise blue wedding gown. Mitchell, the groom, was stunned as he didn’t know about the gown. Just a quick note: These shots are video frames, pulled from the wedding video, as the photographer that day was the delightful Naomie.  

Kauai wedding winter time at the beach, with blue wedding gown.
Hanalei Bay wedding, blue gown shot
Misty ocean wedding ceremony Kauai and the bride wore blue
Kauai wedding bride and groom touch forehead during ceremony


Kauai family photos
Family photographs by Kauai Video Productions
Kauai vacation professionally taken photographs
Kauai family photo sessions call 808-212-9742
Kauai photographer family photos
Photography Kauai family photos


When i place a bride and groom in front of verdant shrubbery, lit softly by the natural light of the golden hour, I am breath stripped. When I stare at wavestops awash in a patch of sunlight, while two or three torchlit rainshafts stream out of the lazy mists that always caress the sides of the mountain, I am lost —how can I not be spellbound? Click, click, click, I work my camera. Sometimes I tell the person I’m photographing to move this way or that, chin up a bit, slight turn to your left, etc, etc. but mostly I let the moments flow. I chat beforehand; we discuss moods, attitudes. needless to say, certain set pieces require some coordination. I try my hardest to make sure that my clients really enjoy the photography session.  




_MG_4796sm copy-2

An opinion that might make sense to you if you’re thinking about hiring a videographer for 4 or more hours to make a fantastic wedding video.  

I’ve mentioned before that a person cannot effectively borrow a style. Well, that’s not strictly true, only a person that does copy another’s artistic way (style) is, well, to put it bluntly a copycat. Here’s what I’m getting at. I’m getting at the kind of wedding videos (not simple beach-type weddings)* that come from the same mold, the type with lots of slow motion shots and labored pans, the couple’s name superimposed over an impressive vista, “Julia and Steve,” or "Ariel and Stamos,” and the officiant or maid of honor’s saying something like  ”Lattitica loves life…” and we see the bride swigging a glass of champage with her bridesmaids, and we see flower arrangements, and rings that are out of focus, slowly, oh so slowly, coming into focus and bla, bla, bla.  

If this memorialized flashback of your wedding day in a treacle-dense style as ubiquitous as McDonald’s arches is good for you,  can I at least offer you a different perspective.  You see, years down the road, when you have kids old enough to appreciate a good movie, do you really think they’ll be enthralled with the cookie-cutter wedding video? Yes, they’ll watch and be awed by how young you and Auntie Dolly look, but I’m sorry to say that they’re just not going to dig it, or watch it again with their friends, because they’ve seen it before!  It’s like opening up a photo  album and seeing yourself dressed up to the hilt like a 20s vamp and holding a pistol, next to a photo where you’re standing by a bubbling brook with your husband. Which one stands out? Duh! Or how about the photo with you landing back on Earth after skydiving, next to a  selfie in the mirror. The fact is, in the future, your kids will love to see your zany, goofball, over-the-top, days. “You did that, mom? Wow!”  

With this said, I do wish to offer what I believe is a smart move. “Have your cake and eat it,” meaning get the mom and dad performance movie that’s scripted and not cookie-cutter, and also get the standard wedding memorialization as a second video.  When I shoot scripted story wedding videos I offer my clients the choice of 3 edited films: The scripted story, a short documentary film (about 4-mins long) and the long version.  Nuff said— Difraser   

* Beach / simple weddings are excluded from my opinion, simply because in a single hour the videographer/ photographer’s sole responsibility is to capture the ceremeony, pay homage to the location, and edit the footage into a cohesive memorializtion of the special day.       



A Holocaust Survivor’s Story  

Two weeks ago (early Nov, 2018) I was asked to film a very special event here in Kauai, Dr. Jacob Eisenbach live - one of the few living survivors of the Auschwitz death camps in Nazi Germany.   Here’s a glimpse.


South side hybrid photography

Here are a few of the photographs from the “Love is in the air” photo shoot.  And see the video. Trust me. It’s good! For the photographs I though bright and colorful would be nice, rather than muted tones, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately.

Don't let me go. Kauai photo from the love is in the air video and photo shoot
Is it me you're looking for? Kauai wedding photo
The day before the wedding at Poipu beach Kauai
Notice the colorful sneakers; all the wedding party wore these. Comfy!


Updated Media Fees

Photography (solo) 


Photography (tandem)



 $590 - $5500 

Best photographers Baltimore

Megan and Garret Pitts photographers from Baltimore

Aloha Megapixels Media Photography

Meet Megan and Garrett Pitts, an extrordinarly talented  husband and wife team passionate about photographing couples who are deeply in love.  Megan and Garrett are from Baltimore, Maryland, however they love to travel,  meet new people, and share extraordinary stories.  I’m hoping to see them here in Kauai.  Megapixel Media’s website. 


Vintage Kauai photography

Not all weddings have to look the same. Kauai photographer Difraser. 

Planning wedding videography

  • Pre wedding cinematography -  when you want a wedding video that shows more than just your ceremony. It can mean communicating with your wedding cinematographer ahead of the big day, and discussing the types of scenes  you think might be great. This might be traditional type scenes, like getting ready, and guests arriving and or giving testimonials, and a montage of the reception.  Or it can mean something  completely and utterly different, like having the cinamtographer create a mini movie about your Kauai trip.    
  • Pre wedding film ideas:  this can include themes for the video, such as romantic, adventurous, dangerous, going for laughs, or just about anything you can think of. It can even mean filming scenes that match the lyrics in a particular song.  
  • Pre wedding photography - this is when you have specific ideas that you’d like to share with your photographer, to make sure that she / he includes the types of shots that you want in your wedding photography album / slideshow. 



I was hired to film aerials of land owned by Princeville.   Views that one only dreams of. Imagine, not too long ago it would have been prohibitively expensive to get these kinds of shots—a helicopter and a harness to lean out of the chopper’s open door.  Many moons ago I did that. I leaned out of the open door of a chopper to film the Napali coast.   But these shots were taken with my buddy Steven Rodger’s quad.  Thanks to Steven for stepping up at the last moment, as my drone was in the shop.   

The highest quality aerial photography in Kauai

Kauai Aerial drone photography and videography by Kauai Video Productions 

Kauai High School Photo Shoot

Photography session:  September 27th 2017 — purpose - new website for the school. 

Happy to have completed another HDR real estate project.  HDR is high dynamic range photography. I do not use strobes (camera flash)  I use the house lights. I turn on as many as I can and wait until it’s dark enough for them to appear decorative.   HDR can be used on any photo shoot, even a wedding portrait session, for a completely different kind of look.  

Walking the drone

I’m in the shot ...

August 29th 2017 — So the day I got this new drone, my wife was worried that I'd do something silly, like try to piggy-back ride on it. Candidly, I’m not a complete novice. My other drone was almost as big as me, and it scared everyone who saw it, especially with me piloting.  So to appease the wife, we took a stroll. We could have just as easily been walking the dog, or the cat. We strolled, the drone kept pace, but after a while the drone begged to be cut loose.  

If you’re ready for the cinematic aerial look in your video, let me know.  Drone aerial photography/ videography adds a higher dimension to your story.  Aloha— Difraser.

Wedding videographer Kauai

Kauai videographer Difraser



Hanalei Ridge

Difraser wedding photographer at the ruins with Zenovia

Have camera will go anywhere… even if it’s a Gopro snap. 

Put up a small canopy on the left side, the couple should be standing roughly where Zenovia is … what a master shot!   This is the ruins at Princeville, above Hanalei Bay.  The video BELOW was filmed without sound, just so that you can get an idea of what the ruins are like, photographically and cinematically.  

 Wedding videographer Kauai

Kauai videographer Difraser



Patrick Ching's new art show

Famous Hawaii artist Patrick Ching, who happens to be a good friend, is working on a 20-episode TV series, which he’ll mostly shoot himself at his own art studio.  This week, Patrick and I spent the day together talking art and video, and I suggested that he  get a Gopro camera, not for the entire shoot of course, but for some of the shots. “It’s an amazing little camera,” I told him.  Fortunately, I had my Gopro 4 with me, so I proceeded to show Patrick jusy how good and easy it is to shoot with it. The clip below is without any lighting, or any setup effort whatsoever. I just whipped out the camera and hit the record button. Oh, and I shot at 1080p, not at the camera’s 4K setting.   


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