Blue screen love story video by Kauai wedding videographer Difraser

The couple in this love story video didn’t want the typical, you know, talking heads,   “I first met Samantha when she was  six…” bla, bla, bla. The video had to be original, moving,  and vintage style. We decided on a dance through the couple’s 10-year relationship. We filmed in multiple Kauai locations, beaches, rain forest, old ruins,  and then in a church hall, against a blue screen backdrop. It might seem overkill for a wedding/ engagement  but I love pushing the boundary for event video.    

Blue screen image (below) and under it a frame of the finished composited video. See the video HERE 

blue sc Jen 1

Below image is just one of sixteen different virtual sets that I created for the video.     

comp blue sc1

What’s going on?

 I shot a wedding video for a local couple. Technically, not really a Simple video because I was slogging 3 cameras. What the heck, it’s still a Simple Video.  See below.  


Under the lights

Most of the events I film here on Kauai are weddings, and most of those do not require any supplimental lighting. But occasionally, lights are required and I’d be willing to brazenly state  that I probably have one of the better independent film lighting setups on the island.  So if you need film lights…give me a call.  


35mm Sigma Art on the GH4 with the Speedbooster effectively becomes a 50mm equivalent on a full frame, which makes it a perfect portraiture lens.     

Another visit to Queen’s Bath 

Queen’s Bath is not the easiest spot for a wedding couple in wedding attire to visit. The trail from the parking lot takes about 15 minutes to navigate, and you have to clamber over slippery boulders, and rocky water pools, as you descend to the lava rocks and waterways of Queen’s Bath. But once there, you find yourself in Dramatic Photo Central. Even on the descent there’s dozens of photo ops, such as waterfalls and panoramic scenics.   

I do fusion

I do photography and I do videography and sometimes I do both…it’s called fusion or hybrid photography. 

It’s like two great elements coming together, like a kiss….

Picture frame setting for a Kauai wedding

Have camera will go anywhere… even if it’s a Gopro snap. 

Put up a small canopy on the left side, the couple should be standing roughly where Zenovia is … what a master shot!   This is the ruins at Princeville, above Hanalei Bay.  The video BELOW was filmed without sound, just so that you can get an idea of what the ruins are like, photographically and cinematically.  

Aunt 'n neice by Kauai wedding photographer Difraser 

Photography by Difraser, on the island of Kauai

Patrick Ching's new art show

Famous Hawaii artist Patrick Ching, who happens to be a good friend, is working on a 20-episode TV series, which he’ll mostly shoot himself at his own art studio.  This week, Patrick and I spent the day together talking art and video, and I suggested that he  get a Gopro camera, not for the entire shoot of course, but for some of the shots. “It’s an amazing little camera,” I told him.  Fortunately, I had my Gopro 4 with me, so I proceeded to show Patrick jusy how good and easy it is to shoot with it. The clip below is without any lighting, or any setup effort whatsoever. I just whipped out the camera and hit the record button. Oh, and I shot at 1080p, not at the camera’s 4K setting.   


Freediving in the family

I’m very excited for my daughter Michelle, as today it was announced that she’s been selected to represent the United States in the World Free Diving competiton this year in Greece.