Kauai photography locations

I’m known for saying “there isn’t a bad photo-op place anywhere in Kauai.” It’s true. In fact, the perfect photo-op location is usually no more than a hundred yards away. Many years ago, in the middle of a very arduous film shoot, we found ourselves falling behind schedule. It was late afternoon and the entire crew had stopped off at the Princeville Center for some refreshments. We still had to get 3 shots in the can before nightfall or we’d fall behind schedule, and the shots needed to be in a jungle location. We’d chosen Kilauea but as I looked up from my water bottle my eyes fell on a banana bush next to a palm tree and some rough-trodden sugarcane grass. "Long lens. Tight shot. Jungle,” I said to myself. Sure enough, we shot the sequence right there, a stone’s throw from Foodland. You’d never know it when looking at the sequence in the movie. It was perfect. Dense unihabited jungle, thousands of miles from civilization.  The north shore has so many great areas for your photo session.  Beaches of course, but everyone expects that. I think the mountains are even more spectacular. And the forests are breathtaking. Here’s a few shots from my back yard, well, not exactly, but truly walking distance from my home.   


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