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An opinion that might make sense to you if you’re thinking about hiring a videographer for 4 or more hours to make a fantastic wedding video.  

I’ve mentioned before that a person cannot effectively borrow a style. Well, that’s not strictly true, only a person that does copy another’s artistic way (style) is, well, to put it bluntly a copycat. Here’s what I’m getting at. I’m getting at the kind of wedding videos (not simple beach-type weddings)* that come from the same mold, the type with lots of slow motion shots and labored pans, the couple’s name superimposed over an impressive vista, “Julia and Steve,” or "Ariel and Stamos,” and the officiant or maid of honor’s saying something like  ”Lattitica loves life…” and we see the bride swigging a glass of champage with her bridesmaids, and we see flower arrangements, and rings that are out of focus, slowly, oh so slowly, coming into focus and bla, bla, bla.  

If this memorialized flashback of your wedding day in a treacle-dense style as ubiquitous as McDonald’s arches is good for you,  can I at least offer you a different perspective.  You see, years down the road, when you have kids old enough to appreciate a good movie, do you really think they’ll be enthralled with the cookie-cutter wedding video? Yes, they’ll watch and be awed by how young you and Auntie Dolly look, but I’m sorry to say that they’re just not going to dig it, or watch it again with their friends, because they’ve seen it before!  It’s like opening up a photo  album and seeing yourself dressed up to the hilt like a 20s vamp and holding a pistol, next to a photo where you’re standing by a bubbling brook with your husband. Which one stands out? Duh! Or how about the photo with you landing back on Earth after skydiving, next to a  selfie in the mirror. The fact is, in the future, your kids will love to see your zany, goofball, over-the-top, days. “You did that, mom? Wow!”  

With this said, I do wish to offer what I believe is a smart move. “Have your cake and eat it,” meaning get the mom and dad performance movie that’s scripted and not cookie-cutter, and also get the standard wedding memorialization as a second video.  When I shoot scripted story wedding videos I offer my clients the choice of 3 edited films: The scripted story, a short documentary film (about 4-mins long) and the long version.  Nuff said— Difraser   

* Beach / simple weddings are excluded from my opinion, simply because in a single hour the videographer/ photographer’s sole responsibility is to capture the ceremeony, pay homage to the location, and edit the footage into a cohesive memorializtion of the special day.       



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