Sunset photography

As the day comes to a close and the sun begins to hide its brilliant face and a warm ruddy glow shimmies atop the ocean's weary surface, it's the perfect time to take photos, as long as you’re willing to forsake brightly definable faces in favor of silhouetted figures  dappled with spangles of diamond light. But you cannot really bank on it—that is bank on getting what you want.  

Sunset shoots are at the mercy of the sun…but even when the sun cooperates, its mighty power is often too dazzling for the mechanics of even the world's best cameras and lenses. Streams of intense light on the horizon cause facial features to slide into shadow and fractured silhouette. Now silhouette is awesome for a few shots but an entire photo session? No. This is why on sunset shoots I always have to weave in some additional light, and I don’t mean on-camera flash which produces a very unrealistic image.   Lights. Lighstands. Reflectotrs. Diffusers. Yup. That’s the stuff. This is why I charge slightly more for sunset shoots, to cover the cost of having an assistant help me lug around all this lighting stuff, so that you get the most amazing photos.      

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