The Day After

 “The Day After” is a current trend in continuing wedding photography/ video.  For couples not immediately embarking on their honeymoon, choosing a second day is really rewarding; it’s like the day after Christmas—Boxing Day in many countries—where the celebration continues without the nerves and the  preparation. Couples get to be pampered by the paparazzi, or rather, a polite photographer/videographer. How many times in one’s life do you get to be on a media pedestal?  Furthermore,  think forward a bunch of years—when your kids see how wild you were, like when you leapt from a cliff fifty feet into the ocean in your wedding gown  or how you starred in your very own personal love story movie, like the one below.   What a cherished keepsake! For some couples, we incorporate scenes from the wedding day into the “Day After” movie, which, by the way, can be on a day or week or month before or after the wedding.  Call me or text me (David)at 808-278-8643 and let’s work on your Day After.  

ERic and Pui


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