Breakthrough Photography, San Francisco. Graham Clark. Awesome Company. 

So…two weeks ago I was filming with three cameras, two on tripods, one in my hand.  I’ve shot like this several hundred times in my life, and over the years the only issue I’d ever had was a collision in a busy banquet hall when a waitress knocked over the unmanned tripod, camera and all. She was fine, the $1500 lens wasn’t.  Since then I’ve been careful and lucky, until two weeks ago. I thought the filming had gone off perfectly, until I started checking off the equipment back home, and was shocked to see my Canon 70-200 IS without its UV protector.  Some mean bugger had decided to help him/herself to it.  Well, when you think about it, I was still lucky. It could have been the lens and camera taken, a flip on the quick release plate and bam! Gone! 

So, the loss is minimal. Phew!  But wait. There’s more. I’m about to replace the filter, so I e-mail the company I purchased from to ask if I should go through Amazon or directly through them. The owner Graham e-mails me back,telling me that the same’s happened to him before and they’re sending me a new filter free of charge. I’m telling you… I’m blown away. Flabbergasted. In this day an age of crass behavior, maniacal politicians, and greed mongering companies, it’s a rare to find a company like Breakthrough Photography in San Francisco. Graham Clark, you are a hero, a mensch!    

My fellow photographers, if you’re about to purchase a new filter forget B&W… check out Breakthrough