Choosing a videographer

Not all are made equal. Really, the question of who to choose as your Kauai wedding videographer often comes down to just 2 things: price and availability. But if you are an individual who’s looking beyond these two things, the best advice I can offer is to ask to see a full wedding video, not just the videographer’s reel or highlights videos, which in reality are just very long “Coming Attractions.” 

With a full length video you’ll be able to see if the film has a structure that holds one’s interest. You’ll be able to see if the pacing keeps you focused or if the video drags because of very long and drawn out “B roll shots.” B-roll shots are shots of flowers and cakes and wedding rings and shoes and scenic things, which certainly can add to the flavor of a wedding video but when overly used they tend to be like over-used ingrediants in a food recipe—turning delicious into lame.    

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