Ghost writer 

30-minute first consulation free of charge. This is where we sort of audition each other and see if we’d like to move on to the next step.  The prelim session (2 hrs) will be phone, e-mail, Facetime dig-in, the formulation of a writing game plan, story points, drafts, notes, etc.  My fee is $200.  Then I start to write for you. 

I will produce 4500 words each week. Fee $625-$925 per week versus a negotiated project fee. Fee is based on genre and complexity. Example: fee for historical fiction requiring research / fact checking will be more than YA magical realism.    

David has authored screenplays, books,  web and print articles.  David can be retained on a monthly or project basis.  David’s nom-de-plume is Carter Benwall—want to know more?   

If you are interested is discussing your book or screenplay with David, please contact him for your no-obligation phone / e-mail conference.  

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