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A gritty snarl can be as striking as a tender smile. A tear of joy hidden in silhouette is pure magic—these are the things I seek when I shoot. I am a Kauai wedding videographer and Kauai photographer with a wedding videography style that is a merger of instant capture and seamless portraiture rather than staged pose, all with a splash of mood and a dash of creative lighting. My Kauai wedding photography is inspired by the personalities of the people in front of my lens! Best time photography Kauai sunsets at the beach. I have a sister website devoted to natural-style family photography. If you’d like to check it out: sunsetsatthebeach.com  

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"Sunset hour on a beach"— is the request. I cannot tell you how many times this request appears in email and text messages to me. "I'm doing a surprise proposal...magical hour preferred! "Okay, okay, surprise proposal on a beach at sunset. Awesome! Kauai has so many stunning beaches, vast stretches of sand with swimmers and sunbathers, and at sunset, what more can you ask? Well, think for a moment about the notion of dimensional. In this regard, think of a movie set and all the different props and constructed sets that help make the scene real, and in conjunction with real backgrounds it all melds into a perfect balance of theme. 

Back to reality, Now think of a Kauai beach like Larsens beach, which is relatively remote and not too trafficked. You’ll see sparkling ocean for as far as the eye can see. Sweeping drifts of sand to your left and to your right, green shrubs and bushes and a lonely ironwood tree behind you. While it's dynamic, while there's several distinct photo opportunities for a Kauai photographer striving to make sure that all the photographs won't share an identical background, there is a kicker: the beach is not rife with scenic properties. There's no boulder with shore waves lapping up against it, no tide pools or lava rock maizes, no misty mountains to the left or right, no iconic pier to sit on sideways with your legs dangling over the side. For a mini shoot, yes it perfect, but if you, my client, are looking for 30 or 50 or 100 photos, I can suggest several beaches with dynamic properties that will leave you thinking or saying aloud “wow!” As a Kauai family photographer I love it when my clients go "wow!" Not that I cannot produce wow factor photos at Larsens beach, but it's so nice to have dynamic properties all-around me when I shoot. You know what I mean—when things are different every which way we turn our eyes. Different and wow can easily be you and those alongside you in the photoshoot; and it can also be soap bubbles your toddler is blowing; this is manufactured wow, and I aspire to this all the time.  But if we're at Hanalei Bay, for example, we just have to turn our eyes and we'll see the lazy Hanalei river flowing into the Pacific; if we spin around again our eyes will fall on misty mountains and we’ll take in visuals of palm trees and ironwoods; we might also see a loving couple standing on a rugged boulder that's jutting out of the surf, sea spray rising above the boulder and drifting toward the rustic canopy of the pier that's shimmying in the sea breeze. My point is this: Some of the best photo op locations are on my doorstep (almost) that's why I suggest locations such as the lava rocks and tide pools of Hideaways beach, and the sparkling lagoon at Anini, and the breathtaking panoramas of Tunnels Beach and Lumahai.  

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Bride on roller skates Kauai wedding

 When I shoot family photography, in group shots there’s usually at least one person at the beginning of the portrait session asking,  “how do I stand? What do I do with my hands? Do I need to smile? Common questions. Fact is, most people don’t really know what to do when they’re in front of the camera for a photoshoot; most want direction from the photographer even those that say they don’t like photos too posed. I know some Kauai photographers that are quick on the tongue; without even looking through their viewfinder they’ll say, “k, hand on your hip, one foot forward, lean a bit back,”  etc, etc, bla bla bla.  Because I come from a motion picture background, I do things slightly differently. Akin to those in the film and theater business, I Block the Shot. It means I view the image in the camera, then place my subjects relative to what I see through the lens and collectively with the group’s input we fashion the image. I typically will say things like ”3 inches to your left, another 2 inches…you guys move forward a foot.”  The dynamics of a blocked photo—often amazing. See photo below.

Trash-the-dress  Kauai

“That’s a really big crab!” 

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Fun beach family photography Kauai

Fun family beach photography Kauai

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Bridesmaid filmed by Kauai wedding videographer David Marsh


Family photography Kauai

Wedding videography Kauai

Engagement photographer Kauai

Fun family photography Kauai Photographer David Marsh

So you've decided to hire a photographer … hopefully me… your decision means you obviously know you’ll get much better photos…. But did you know…It’s not just my decades of experience and schooling in photography that yield stunning photos. 

Even in a mini photo session, I’m likely to take over 100 photographs; in an hour it’s typical for me to take 250 photos. Even the organizing and decision process is enormously time consuming; and that’s before I start editing. The editing or post production of your photos is by far the most time devoted part of the process. On average I spend 5 or 6 hours post producing a 1-hour photo session. In the last few years computers and software have gotten very sophisticated with processors much faster so you’d think editing would be swifter, easier. It’s not, by a long shot, pardon the pun. Here’s one reason why: 10 years ago when I’d do a Kauai photography session at Hanalei Bay oftentimes there would be no other souls on the beach. Just my clients and me. During the editing of the photos in those days I didn’t have to spend hours and hours removing strangers from images that otherwise, if left in, would make the photo look like a snapshot. Today, with our heavily trafficked beaches, one of my main editing tasks is object and person removal. While some of this is fairly automatic using Photoshop’s AI tools, at least fifty percent of the time I have to use painstaking masking and airbrushing techniques to create believable, aesthetically pleasing images. Otherwise you’d have snapshots, and that just won’t do—at least not for this Kauai wedding photographer! Perhaps some Kauai maternity photographers don’t do as I do; perhaps some merely finesse a handful of photos and leave the rest. I don’t do that. I finesse every single shot. Object/person removal is just a part of my editing process before I switch to the beautification stage of my workflow, where I make certain that everyone in the image looks their best, their leanest. Then lastly I work on color balance specially image to image in a particular sequence. So yup, a one-hour photo shoot is really a 7-hour project. But guess what? I love it! 

aw so it rained copy


So, I was wrapping up a Kauai photoshoot with a young couple who’d just gotten engaged in front of my camera lens—a surprise proposal. I shoot a lot of these. Of course they were giddy with joy, and that joy continued; they expressed it verbally to me when they saw the photos a few days later. I’ll be happy to share the texts if you message me. Chris and Blaine praise. Anyway, throughout the photo shoot, I made photo suggestions; I did not specifically pose them. This is the way I like to shoot. The vast majority of my clients are not models; so why make them uncomfortable by asking for big grins, saying, "look at me, look at the camera?" That doesn't mean I don't muster direct looks into my camera; but how I get that is my magical secret. A clue: It involves fun. In the larger scheme, the mood of the photo session, the lighting, composition, and perhaps most of all, that something unique and special is evolving is what I call image awesome. Another really important thing for me as a Kauai family photographer is eyesight reality. I have no desire to get caught up in photography fads, which include Instagram looks or the image filter fave of the day. Most professional photographers these days, in my opinion, are too happy to rely on preset filters, and they apply them across the board. While it's quick to edit this way, I'm not a fan because I'm not interested in making the colors in the photo different from what they really were in real life. I probably spend way too much time editing to make sure that skies and mountains are not washed out unless the haze in real life washed them out. I make certain that skin tones are true to life, outfit colors the same as on the day, and that's just the beginning of my editing process. Making images magazine ready or postcard worthy requires painstaking modifications that in the end, to an observer, appear seamless. Beach debris and too many beachgoers easily ruin a photo.  I'm a Kauai baby moon photographer that won't settle for beach debris. And even after all that's done, I'm still not truly done. Beautification comes next. I always ask my clients if they'd like this step. In the old days everyone knew photos made them look heavier. Making one's appearance a bit leaner or a lot leaner if desired is a better way, no? Shaping and shadowing really makes a huge difference.   Once again, nuff said— David            

Natural light sunset Hanalei Bay family photography

Natural light sunset Hanalei Bay family photography

Civil twilight is the time of the day right after the sun sets when there’s still plenty of natural ambient light for awesome photography. What to choose: Sunset or not sunset photos. All boils down to preference. What image do you prefer. The first photograph below is Kauai’s Hanalei bay pier, a family photo at ten in the morning, a bright and airy photograph with vibrant natural color, blue sky, blue ocean. The second photograph below is the identical location at sunset hour. 

Sunset at Hanalei Bay pier

Sunset at Hanalei pier family photo with photo flash  


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  • I find tangelos absolutely delicious. When its winter time its citrus time in Kauai and you''l find me at the farmers markets buying tangelos by the crate load. Is it weird that I’m a Kauai photographer who loves broccoli, sunsets, sunrises or that I never spread peanut butter and jelly? 
  • Being a people person, I talk to strangers I pass in the street, when I’m at the supermarket, in the parking lot at the beach after I’ve finished a photo session. Growing up I was a shy one. Who knew I’d be such a chatter box? 
  • Don’t be surprised to see me walking around with three cameras slung over me. If I’m your Kauai wedding photographer and we’re doing a session at the beach, I’d sooner have the three cameras ready, each with a different lens attached rather than a single camera and a backpack of lenses. On the beach, swapping out lenses is not my thing. 
  • I speak one language in three different speeds, all with an accent that says I was born where…Australia? Nope. South Africa? Nope. Yup, you guessed it, the other place.
  • Go figure—surprise proposals come in waves for me. I won’t shoot a surprise engagement for months, then all of a sudden, it’s six in row over two weeks.   
  • I don’t have a favorite movie or a favorite book, or favorite food, favorite color, or favorite most things, and I’ve read thousands of books, seen thousands of movies, tasted more foods than I can name and so on. Although Kauai might be my favorite place to live and I love being a Kauai photographer.  

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