Bring along an umbrella — maybe a small towel too

I’m sure you’ve noticed how lush and green Kauai is.  It doesn’t look this way without a little spice from heaven.  Kauai, the oldest of the main Hawaiian islands, is a bit rainer than the other islands; that’s why it’s so green. Be it summer, winter or spring, you never know when a ten minute downpour is likely to happen. So an umbrella can be the difference between a sodden wedding gown and a dry one. Also: you might want to bring along a small towel; even if it doesn’t rain, a towel to dab away perspiration (especially for the groom) is a pretty nice idea.  

Do not get upstaged—

 “Upstage” def: divert attention from (someone) toward oneself; outshine. Tip: don’t allow your officiant to unwittingly upstage you.  Not that your officiant is intending to be mean but you deserve the best background not your officiant.  Here’s an example: A couple is on a spectacular beach for their wedding. They’re so wrapped up in the excitement of the moment that when the officiant says, “now stand here,”  they allow themselves to be postioned away from the dramatic background, for the entire ceremony.  Now the officiant has the wonderful background, the lush mountains or crashing ocean, and the couple has a palm tree and a power transformer.  Remember, your officiant is not the star!    

Love the Kauai location where you're getting married for the NOW moment—

What this means is simply: If the location you’ve discovered on the other side of the island makes you feel, “I’m so lucky to be getting married here” and NOT “ the wedding photographs will look amazing here” then you’ve chosen the perfect spot. I’m telling you this because so many brides and grooms knock themselves out looking for the perfect wedding spot believing that the video and photographs will be the best there. The reality is: there isn’t a bad photo-op location on Kauai. For photography, usually the ultimate backdrop is never more than one hundred feet away.  The edge of a parking lot can be as verdant as the middle of the jungle; that tiny beach a stone’s throw from your condo can be a paradiscal castaway dream. Professional videographers and photographers are usually more concerned with where the sun is and how it’s lighting their subject than choosing this beach versus that beach. So, if that long hike to reach your wedding spot is what you really want, must have, because you can’t imagine saying “I do” anywhere else, then it’s your perfect place; otherewise perhaps you can make things a bit easier on yourself and go for convenience—a beach close to your hotel or condo, for example.        

Choose your vendors wisely—

Price comparing and searching for better is something most of us do. The age of the Internet has made us savvy buyers. But “lowest” doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be satisfied with the product. A friend  made me see this in a whole new light;  he said "okay, you can fly back to the mainland on this guy’s plane that he's made completely from scratch by bidding on the lowest price for parts, or pay an additional $200 and fly on a regualar jet.  

The difference between videography and cinematography?  Maybe you’ll find this important if you’re leaning toward a cinematic wedding video.  While many, if not most videographers lay claim to making cinematic wedding videos, only a few actually do.  Here’s how it goes:  A videographer shoots video while a cinematographer uses light to create a scene.  Filming with cinematic tools such as production cameras that are often  used for motion pictures (such as Alexia and Red cameras) do not necessarily mean cinematic footage is being shot. Likewise, using film cranes, professional stabiizers, rails, and aerial cameras  can add to the overall cinematic feel of a video, but  unless the camera operator/ DP provides at least some footage where light has been manipulated, it’s not cinematography.  If you’re paying more and not getting the real deal, well you might want to think about that one.   

Fantastic wedding video editing - Many say this is the most important part of film making. Franky I agree.   As an International Emmy recipient,  I’m fast. Usually it takes me less than 2 weeks to deliver a highly crafted edited Kauai wedding video.   

The advantage of having more than one wedding videographer…

It is universally accepted that you need at least two photographers for a wedding. Oddly,   when it comes to wedding videography few people think they’ll need more than one videographer.  In reality, the need for an additional videographer is perhaps more important than the need for a second photographer. Two videographers means more tailored video footage (fewer static—2nd camera unattended shots).  More on this important subject HERE