I was approached to make a romantic life story that the wedding couple could play on a projection screen at their wedding reception. They didn’t want a sappy video. Definitely didn’t want it boring, such as a bunch of shots of friends and relatives congratulating them. But they did want to see glimpses of their life in the video, including family and friends, such as their close relatives who had passed on.  They wanted their 10-year old in the video. The couple love Country music, vintage and retro looks. So, after conversing with them, I had a good understanding of what was needed. When I relayed my vision,  they thought that it would be impossible to pull off, especially at their budget.  Well, I proved them wrong. When they watched the finished film for the first time, they wept with joy.  Just so you know, it was filmed entirely in Kauai, over 2 days. We shot much of the footage inside a church hall that we turned into a green screen stage. I did the post-production in just 3 days.  This type of film would typically fall under the category:  Life story video. Although it is very much a wedding video—a different kind of wedding video. 

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