Video love story

 I was approached to make a romantic video to be shown at the bride and groom’s reception. They didn’t want a sappy video. Didn’t want it boring, such as a bunch of friends and relatives congratulating them. But wanted to see glimpses of their life, family, friends, even close relatives who had passed on.  They wanted their 10-year old in the video. The couple love Country music, vintage and retro looks. I had a good understanding of what was needed. But when I relayed my scripted plan,  they thought that it would be impossible to pull off, especially at their budget.  Well, I proved them wrong. When they watched the finished film for the first time, they wept with joy.  Just so you know, it was filmed entirely in Kauai, over 2 days. This type of film would typically fall under the category:  Life story video. Although it is very much a wedding video—a different kind of wedding video. 

 Info: Romantic love story. Country theme. 6hrs location shoot, 4 hours stage. 6h/edit.

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