Video love story

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I was approached to make a romantic video for the bride and groom’s reception, not a wedding video in the traditional way. They didn’t want a sappy video. Didn’t want it boring, such as a bunch of friends and relatives congratulating them. But wanted to see glimpses of their life, family, friends, even close relatives who had passed on.  They wanted their 10-year old in the video. The couple love Country music, vintage and retro looks. I knew right away that they needed a thematic story video. But when I relayed my scripted plan, even though it sounded amazing to them, they doubted I could pull it off. When they watched the finished film for the first time, they wept with joy.  Just so you know, it was filmed entirely in Kauai, over 2 days.  

Story videos are not for everyone. It’s actually hard work for the stars (you) in front of the camera for many hours often doing retakes of the same thing over and over, just like a real film production. In fact, a video like this typically requires at least 2 days of shooting, however I try to stay under four hours per day. But if you want a different kind of wedding video, and are willing to spend many hours (over a couple of days ) of your valuable time in Kauai, let’s chat 

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