Miscellaneous video needs

When you cannot film yourself or someone but still need good-looking video.

Types of video

Family event or outing:            Example: birthday party w/3 hours filming, edited into 8-10 minute video w/ music or songs. From $550

Vacation:                                       I’ll tag along with you on your outing, and capture the essence of your day.   From $550

Sports:                                           Example: your keiki’s soccer match. 2 cameras, entire match.  Edited  from: $850 

Web product video:                   Example: you’re teaching massage techniques, 5 hours filming and 15 minute edited video. From $1000

Web series:                                   Example: instructional / inspirational video set of 8 x12-minute shows, story-boarded, filmed,  edited, licensed music, graphic cards, web ready: From $10,000