Video package details

I’m often asked “We’re looking for a videographer for our wedding. Are you available on such a date? It’s a simple enough question. It’s as simple as a chef being asked: we’re looking for a meal. Can you make one for us? Well of course I can. I’m available on the date. Let’s see if I can explain the differences in the items on the menu.

So let me start with simple.  A simple wedding video means a video that comes together speedily in the post production stage, as post production is the great time consumer of media production. There’s a master shot and some cutaways, close ups, etc.  It’s professionally shot but there won’t be any complex camera moves so I won’t have to worry about focus issues and back up shots just in case. See EXAMPLE

The elopement video is perfect for small weddings. It’s still kind of simple but with multiple camera angle coverage and a beautifully tailored opening sequence.  I offer variations/ options for the elopement video (elope plus) which include extra hours, option of an extra camera person which always adds to the overall wow factor. You can choose tailored drone aerials or library drone aerials, which add to the largesse of the video. Bear in mind, if you choose library drone shots you won’t be seen from up high.  See Elope EXAMPLE       See Elope Plus EXAMPLE

In the deluxe packages you get 2-10 hours of detailed video coverage, which can include getting ready shots, guests arriving and after the ceremony coverage such as the cocktail party, reception or whatever else is in on the wedding day agenda. After 4 hours there is no extra fees for film tools or drone aerials. See EXAMPLE

The creme-de-creme of the menu is “designer-crafted” wedding videography.  This is big idea videography akin to feature film and TV show production. We come up with a pre-production plan and work it into a blueprint/script that we execute on the day.  Designer-crafted wedding videography is very time consuming. The shoot schedule is at least 3 hours; we often shoot for 8 or 10 hours, sometimes several of those hours on a day before or after the wedding day.   See EXAMPLE  


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