Q. What makes you stand out amongst other Kauai photographers/videographers?

A. Style, Work ethic.  Love.  Reliabilty. Let’s start with style: I have my own not a borrowed one. Here’s something about my work ethic: For every hour that I spend photographing a wedding, I devote at least 4 hours editing the shots, stretching or reducing backgrounds, removing unwanted objects, opening eyes when necessary, color blending and balancing, making certain that those featured are as perfect as can be.  Re love: I go the extra mile because I love it. Re-reliability. Ask any of my past clients, I’ll give you their e-mail/ phone numbers so that you can rest assured that there is no one more caring and reliable than I am. I have never failed to show up, never failed to deliver the photos and videos as promised, which is typically in 3 weeks or less.    

Q. Do you work alone or with a team?

A. Up to you. Alone = less expensive. But there is an advantage of having a 2nd photographer/ videographer. The 2nd covers b-roll shots—scenics, flower arrangements, landmarks; and he/ she shoots behind-the scenes (another perspective of the video/ photographic session).  Last but not least, the 2nd is invaluable with lighting, using support lights that a solo photographer cannot easily manage alone.

Q.  What do you charge?

A. From $230 for a simple photo or video session, delivered on an SD card  without editing, up to the $6000 range for high end packages.    

Q. Can you give me great audio even on a windy beach? 

A. Absolutely.   

Q. If I choose you as my videographer are you okay with me choosing a different photographer?

A. Yes, with a caveat.  A photographer not used to working alongside us can find herself / himself featured in the video, usually showing his /her backside, which is probably not best for our shot/ your video.  Additionally, sometimes photographers are unaware or simply don’t care that strong camera flashes ruin video frames.  When we shoot video and photography as a combination we work as a seemless unit giving our clients the best of both mediums. 

 Q. Can I get the camera raw footage? 

A. Optionally, yes. On an external 1 or 2TB USB drive.   

Q. Do you offer a same day wedding video edit?

A. Yes.  Premium package videos. Same day 2-3 minute highlights video to view at reception, as long as there is a gap of 3+ hours between the ceremony and reception.   

 Q. What's your turnaround time? 

A. Fast. Standard time for photos 3-10 days,  1-3 weeks for video.  

Q.  If I want changes, will you do them?

A. It’s unlikely that you’ll want changes as we’re very good at our craft, but of course, if you do have something you’d like changed, we can do it. Bear in mind, given the time and effort that goes into each project, even small changes can equate to several hours in the edit suite; as such, we charge a re-edit fee at a reduced rate of $50/hr, and we will be able to tell you how many hours from our conversation about the re-edit. 

Q. You can stream live? 

A. Single camera, live shot, where cell reception is very good like Hanalei Bay. We are not currently offering intergrated streaming with live switching.  

Q. Are we the best videographers and photographers on the island?

A. We produce top-notch wedding videos, corporate videos, portraiture, landcapes, architecture— as good as any of the top videographers and photographers globally.    

Q. Can I get drone footage?

A. Yes. We offer free drone video archive footage (video that we’ve already shot) versus your own exclusive $350 flat fee for 30-mins when it’s an add-on to a package. We only fly in legal flight zones, following  FAA rules and regulations, and only when weather conditions are good. Note: Hawaii does not allow drone useage in state parks.       

Q. Do you take credit cards?

A. Yes.  

Q. If I want to hire you, what do I do?

A. Phone 808-212-9742. Or shoot us an e-mail ... or go to the contact page and fill out the "contact us" form.  

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