Superior High-end wedding videography Kauai 

Premium designer-crafted / Premium traditional Video

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The Premium Kauai Wedding Video is a cinematic top tier video, typically edited into a 17-24-minute story of your wedding day. Filmed with multiple cameras, 2 videographers for 4 hours (or more). The package includes a 2nd short teaser video 2-3 minutes long. The Premium video is available in two styles: Traditional or designer-crafted, the latter requiring in depth consulation regarding themes, colors, choreography, etc. Both styles make for a big viewing experience for the most discerning.  If you request this package I’ll ask you traditional or designer-crafted. 

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Superior Essence Video

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The “Superior Essence Wedding Video” is a snappy, designer-crafted video covering the wedding day activities and edited into a music style video (typically 4 mins long). Tons of creativity and style makes this a joy to watch.  I sometimes shoot the wedding couple on a day before or after the wedding, giving the film an additional dimension.  The Superior Essence video is the perfect choice for modern, discriminating couples who are mindful about showing their wedding film to family and friends, and not boring them.   

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Love story video  

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The love story video is my favorite and ultimate designer-crafted wedding video. Couples usually want their 3-4 minute long love story video to be played on a large screen at their wedding reception. I typically spend 5 hours (or more) filming, and at least three or for days editing, depending on the complexity of the shoot. Themes include playfulness, adventure, romance, or just about anything you can think of.  The example (left) is driven by a Country song that deals with a full life, from the moment of birth, first steps, adolescence, finding love, having kids, and growing romantically old together. For your theme, you and I would discuss the storyline  and come up with ideas to make your wedding movie a spectacular experience. I’ll pay a lot of attention to detail, lighting, staging, the kind of things that will elevate your love story over just about any other type of wedding video imaginable. You can, if you desire, have special moments of your wedding day wrapped into the love story. This would mean I would do a same-day edit of the wedding and add jewel moments into our pre-fashioned edited story. Typical fee is around $2000      

Engagement Spectaculars

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Engagement video—a film to be played on a projected screen at your wedding reception. The engagement video is short and snappy, emotional, then funny, stylish but not the kind of style that overshadows meaningful content.   Your own home movies and photos can be incorporated; you can have friends and family commenting or sending you love and great day wedding wishes, or telling saucy stories about you.    

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Cinema tools option


 Cinema tools (when chosen as an option) elevate the dynamics of the video but does require an extra crew member called a key grip, who operates a film crane, dolly and/ or cinema drone. Cinema tools are available for both journalistic and designer-crafted videos.   

Note: CWH— Capture What Happens (journalstic) means the videographer does not direct the wedding couple but captures on the fly as the moments unfold, whereas in designer-crafted the wedding participents will at times receive directions from the cinematographer.  

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