Life story engagement video shown at the couple's wedding reception  March 31st 2017.

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Backstory about the video. The couple in the video wanted a romantic video of themselves.  They didn’t want it sappy, didn’t want a collection of friends and relatives congratulating them, although they did want family in the movie including close relatives who had passed on.  They love Country music, vintage and retro looks, and nature.  After speaking with the couple, I (Difraser) realized that they really wanted a memorialization of their 10-year relationship, and for it to include their young daughter.  This is the result, a relationship video filmed entirely in Kauai, over 2 days, much inside a church hall that we turned into a green screen stage. Post-production was completed in just 3 days.   This type of film falls under the category of:  Life story video. Although it is very much a wedding video—at least a different kind of wedding video.   

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