Love story video  

Kauai wedding videographer _MG_2266s

The love story video is designer-crafted,  a 3-5 minute music video.  Average shoot time is 6 hours. 

Themes include playfulness, adventure, and romance. The example (left)  has a Country Theme. From $1850

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Superior Essence Video

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The “Superior Essence Wedding Video” is a designer-crafted video filmed for as many hours as needed on the wedding day (optionally other day/s.)  Drone aerial footage, slider cam, etc, are some of the tools used in the creation of the film.    From $1850

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Premium Package Video

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While the “Superior Essence” and “Love Story” videos are designer crafted,  short and snappy, the Premium Video is a cinematic top tier wedding video.

Filmed with multiple cameras, drone aerials, film crane, 3-person crew for 4 hours (or more optionally) the edited film typically runs 18-22 mins. From $1850

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Cinema tools option


 The cinema tools option will elevate the dynamics of the video. It requires an extra crew member called a key grip, who operates a film crane and/ or cinema drone. Cinema tools are available for both journalistic and designer-crafted videos. 

Note: CWH— Capture What Happens (journalstic) means the videographer does not necessarily direct the wedding couple but captures on the fly the activities as they unfold, whereas the designer-crafted wedding video means the videographer will also direct the wedding participents. If the wedding couple have hired a photographer other than Difraser or someone appointed by Difraser, please confer with Difraser before choosing a designer-crafted video.