Elope hybrid Kauai wedding videography


The wedding of Jos and Karman, Hideaways Beach, Kauai,  wedding video by Difraser. 

This video is an example of the Elope package (1.5 hrs)  w/ 1 additional hour of video coverage and the film tools option.  I loved filming Jos and Karman. But it wasn’t an easy shoot because of on-and-off  rain.  It rained during their ceremony—they were champs about it— it downpoured at times during their portrait session. Still champs!  You really can’t tell from the video.  Anyway, we all laughed, and had a great time.  My drone was a bit upset. It started acting up in the air, so I figured I better get it down on the ground—the trials and tribulations of a Kauai wedding videographer. 

Kauai wedding video Elope $950    (under 10 guests)