Difraser Kauai Wedding Video Gallery

Kauai wedding videographer

When a wedding video is tagged “Elope” it is a 90-minute video shoot, although sometimes I’ve been asked to shoot an extra hour or so. The deluxe videos are typically 3-4 hours of video coverage, and can be designer-crafted or journalistic. A designer crafted wedding video means that the client and I have discussed a particular vision for the wedding video; it could be thematic, such as a Country theme or rustic theme, or it could be story-line, meaning that I’ll be fashioning a blueprint. An example of this is the PMRF wedding video  or Lauryn and Cole’s music wedding video    A few examples here are base package videos. Although I no longer promote base videos,  such as the basic pro, I can on special request figure out something for you. It's what aloha is all about.