Deluxe wedding videography

Deluxe 2.5 hrs - Opening moments of the film, segues into highlights - 4 mins of 21-min full feature. 

Marine’s wedding video at the PMRF base Kauai. Video designed with the keywords: high octane, roller-skate derby, the Radio City Rockettes, wild fun.  The keywords had to shape the look of the video. Quinn is an expert roller skater. Darrin is a marine. He’s the high octane angle. The opening of the video looks more like an action flick until we see Quinn with her skates on, wearing a wedding gown. This is a highlights.  The full feature runs 21 minutes.   

All day long coverage. Starts small but wait,  this is just the first 4 minutes from a 1-hour epic wedding video,  

All day-long coverage.

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