Premium wedding videography

Premium 7 hrs

First 5-minutes of this kauai wedding video, begins intimately, bride getting ready, then suddenly we see a video extravaganza the likes of which rarely are seen in a hawaii wedding video.  Full video is 37-minutes.  $3900   

Intimate Essence

A wedding video with a karaoke twist. Why? Lauryn and Cash didn’t want a regular wedding video. They wanted completely different, and asked me to capture the essence of their wedding day against their song. It required a few hours of filming on a second day. $2250  


Epic wedding video

Multiple camera film-style wedding. 2 versions, long and teaser. All day long coverage. Don’t worry about the hours. $4900

Deluxe wedding video 

6 hrs. Traditional style. 2 wedding films, long and teaser. $2850

 A Story - wedding video

Scripted story telling. For this intimate story we filmed a total of 8 hours, and we edited 3 versions: “ Wedding Influence,” “Love Story” and “Our Wedding Day,” a linear narrative. Total $2800. 

High Octane “Premium Package” 

Not just one flavor is loved by all. This wedding video sample is for those who want a video with mucho testosterone!  8-hour shoot. $4400  


LUXURY WEDDING ARCHIVE for many more video examples