Cinematic style

 Bacon versus bacon taste. Or real versus fake. The video below looks like it was lifted staight out of a movie.  

We used a film crane, a video stabilizer, cinemantic post-production color grading to support the overall cinematic feel to the video. But we know it’s not truly a cinematic video. Unless the camera person/ DP shoots footage where light is manipulated, it’s not cinematography, not technically and honestly a cinematic video.

I read on a competitor’s website that “A cinematic video is a style of edit that will make you feel like you’re watching a short movie.” Whaaaat? That’s about as true as Earth is a square planet! Cinematic (definition)  representative of cinema films. Cinema films are recognized by story, cinematography, and editing. In other words, if it’s a drafted visual story, filmed by a cinematographer who uses light to create scenic atmosphere, and post produced to maximize the viewing experience, it’s cinematic.   

   Here are two examples of cinematic videos we have filmed.


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