Drone no fly

Kauai Video Productions is proud to offer safe drone aerial shots as an option—shots to elevate your video or spruce your photography album with an additional layer of dynamic imagery.  If we deem the conditions for flying are unsafe or outside of legal FAA requirements we will not fly the drone.  

Unsafe or illegal conditions are …

  • Unfavorable weather including rain, drizzle, medium to strong wind*, low lying mists, etc.
  • Flying at elevations over 400 feet.
  • Flying directly over people.  
  • Flying beyond line of sight (where the pilot cannot physically see the drone). 
  • Flying less than 3 miles from an airport.  

If we make the decision not to fly, and you have paid for the service up front, we will refund you.  

* 20 knots is pretty much the maximum wind speed for us, which could mean an everage wind speed of 15 knots with gusts of 20+. Basically, if the palm trees are swaying pretty good, we will not fly.  Wind Conditions Report