Video below is a sample mix from many weddings I have filmed.    For totally, radically different, here are two of my favorites. I loved making these videos... 
  “The Love story”    



Or read about the making of this video (below) 

In the wedding video compilation you see church bells ringing, a celebration at hand, a traditional wedding decorated Hawaiian outrigger canoe, although in this celebration both the bride and groom are both aboard, getting leid (lei).  More often than not it’s only the bride, and she’s paddled ashore to be presented to her groom.   The video then shows a series of hugs and twirls, happy grooms swinging their bride around, including one young couple who’d travelled half way around the world, from southern Italy, to say their vows on the gentle shores of Hanalei Bay.  Next: What’s a wedding without a sloppy smooch, especially when the new hubby lifts his bride’s veil to get it? Bunches of kisses, then make-up shots,  getting ready shots. Yes, you’ve seen these before. But it’s for good reason. They set the stage.  The famous Charlie Chaplin once said: is it funny to see a man stepping on a banana peel? No. But it is funny when you see him walking down the street, then the you cut to a littered banana peel, then back to the man, and he steps on the peel, and wham—he slides to his butt. It’s all about anticipation. The make-up and getting ready shots do just that.  Processions can be boring in wedding videos. They can go on and on. But here in my wedding video compilation you’ll see some unusual eye-perspectives—it’s all about unique Kauai wedding video shots for this special day.   Rings and special traditions, personal vows, and I do’s, lots of I do’s round up this compilation of Kauai wedding videos. If you’d like to see more of any particular wedding, please visit my wedding video gallery. Aloha.