Premium package video --The wedding of Darrin and Quinn was designed with the following keywords: high octane, roller-skate derby, the Radio City Rockettes, wild fun.  The keywords had to shape the look of the video. Quinn is an expert roller skater. That part was easy: show her getting married with her skates on. Darrin is a marine. There’s the high octane angle. So I opened  the video like an action flick; it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a wedding video until we see Quinn with her skates on wearing a wedding gown. What you see here (below) is the 3-minute highlights video. Quinn wanted to have a longer version of the video as well—no worries, I told her— so they also have a full length feature that runs 21 minutes. Hey, it’s your choice.  


Lauryn and Cash didn’t want a regular wedding video. They wanted sassy, different, a video that captured the essence of their wedding day in 4 minutes or less. The shoot for this wedding film (below) required several additional hours of filming, which we did two day after the wedding day—easy as Lauryn and Cash stayed on the island for a few weeks.  In my video lineup this is called “Intimate Essence.”     


John and Janette wanted more than a video of their beach ceremony. They wanted to relive some of the fun they had on Kauai. They decided on a Deluxe Essence video hybrid—means photo and video. Once again, this is a high octane video. Janette didn’t want mushy, as she described it. So, we filmed on the wedding day for 3 hours (video and photography) and then we hooked up the following day for another 3 hours. We had great time, goofing around Hanalei Bay and Kilauea Town.  Watch for Janette’s hillarious comic touches in the ceremony. The running time for the video (below) is just over 6 minutes. Note: this is not a highlights reel, it’s the  actual complete wedding video. See some of the photos of this wedding shoot.                                                                                                                   


This video (below) is technically not a wedding video, but a relationship video that I created for the young couple to show at their wedding reception. Jen (the bride) and her beau had been in a 10-year relationship.They have one kid and they’ve done a lot of living. Having decided that it was time to officially tie the knot,they wanted the video to reveal their relationship, but in a general way that relates to everyone—life. From the moment of birth, through adolescence into adulthood, finding love, having kids, and growing romantically old together. The couple love Country music, and this song deals with life and mirrors the video. Candidly, this is one of my favorites.  


Derek and Nalani’s tropical wedding in Kauai (below) was one very spectacular wedding. It was a 2-day event with a local gal and her mainland beau. The video begins intimately,  bride and groom in the hotel room getting ready. Then you’ll see a lavish extravaganza, a wedding spectacle the likes of which you’ll rarely see in a Kauai wedding video. Once I had completed and mailed the finished wedding video I got back this message from Nalani and Derek.   

  •  “The video was amazing David. We were crying, laughing, and in awe all at the same time while reliving our wedding weekend. You were able to capture the most unbelievable moments and expressions of our families, myself and my darling husband. Thank you truly for all your creativity, professionalism, and hard work. You were such a joy to have there and you're vibe was so down to earth, go with the flow. You really read us well and the music in the video were perfect! We love what you've done. You guys are THE BEST!   

    We are so thankful!. Peace & Love,
    —Nalani Cummings   —  

 Note: this video (below) shows the first 5-minutes of a 45-minute wedding video. It is not a highlight reel. Nuff said, I reckon.    



  Lots and lots of brides and grooms and kisses and twirling and epic locations…hey, it’s Kauai.   

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