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Poipu Love

Retro Love

Fire Love

Marine & Skater

Jungle Love


Anahola Kauai wedding

Italy with Love

Kauai Beach Resorts

Princeville Love

At Hanalei Bay

Kris and Joy

Hard Rock Pools

Up and Away

Buddhist ceremony wedding

Ray and Denise


Bel Air

Kapaa Elopers

Sky High

Nicole and Tim

Waioli Huiia Church


Koloa cute

Pu’u Poa Beach

Pu'u Poa again



Story videos employ thematic elements that partially differentiate the wedding video from a traditional documentary wedding video. Usually, this means the filming of additional scenes, sometimes on a different day. Such as? We get to see you and your romantic partner doing things that help to show who you really are, maybe we’ll reveal your dreams (passions), favorite things, personality quirks. I often tailor scenes to match the lyrics of your special song. Ultimately, you and my camera lens unite into the focus of something magical and special for your Kauai wedding video. A quick note: I do realize that this style of Kauai wedding videography is not for everyone. As a Kauai wedding videographer, most of my time is spent crafting traditional yet cinematic Kauai wedding videos.  Thanks for viewing.

David— your Kauai wedding photographer / Kauai wedding videographer    


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