IF A SINGLE PICTURE says a thousand words, imagine then, four thousand three hundred and sixty-two pictures— that’s just a 4-minute music video, or how about thirty-two thousand, eight hundred and sixty moving pictures—a high-end wedding video. The power of moving pictures —imagination to say it all.    Request a booking       

It’s a must have … 

A KAUAI WEDDING VIDEO crafted by a profesional film maker.

Every year Kauai receives over one million visitors. A whopping percentage of those visitors are either getting married, planning a wedding for the future, or participating in a friend or relative’s wedding. What a joy. What a blessing! One day they’ll look back and remember the occassion as one of the best, if not the best moment of their life. They can relive it by looking at… wait a minute, what if they don’t have, didn’t get, overlooked, thought they could do without? Woahh! It’s hard to imagine why anyone would venture so far away from home for their wedding and go home without one of the most important wedding keepsakes—a wedding video!  But it’s true. I can’t tell you how many couples have told me (after the fact)  "I wish I’d gotten a wedding video. Missed out there! “ And not just any wedding video but one that’s well shot, easy to watch, with crisp clear audio so that every word is heard, even when the wedding is on a windswept beach. So don’t go home without, or with an iphone video. Go home with the real deal. A Kauai wedding video crafted by a film professional- it’s a must have. It’s what I do. 

VIDEO THAT YOUY NEED FOR PROMOTION (including porfolio vido production). 

Models and actors this is for you!  You can do it!  It’s virtually impossible to get into the business without a portfolio that shows YOU, how the camera loves you, or proves that you have acting chops.  But if you’re new, and haven’t filmed any gigs yet, you won’t have a portfolio, unless you’ve already manufactured one. But if you haven’t, well, you need one. That’s what I do.  In a day of shooting, we—it’s a collaboration—will craft a music video short that shows you in multiple outfits, doing an assortment of activities, and not just posing (modeling) for the camera, but scenes that allows you to reveal deep down emotions, whether is delight or grief in your eyes, shock or relief—the kind of looks in motion that  let a casting director know you can do it.   Request a booking