You’ve heard the terms romcom and chic flick, and you might say what do they have to do with wedding videos? I say everything. What’s a wedding video without heart, without passion, without romance?  The reason couples choose me to direct their wedding video is: I’m passionate about making personal wedding films that touch the heart, and I have the track record to pull off the personal wedding movie experience. Okay, not eveyone has the budget for a full blown, designer crafted wedding video, which is why I offer options.  

I offer the choice of a stylish essence video (examples on this page) Or a linear video (see HERE) or Budget (HERE).  The essence video is NOT a highlight video but a fully imagined, scripted, telling of your wedding day, a very different kind of wedding momento.   The linear typically runs 11 to 17 minutes but if the client desires a full content video the run time can be an hour or more.  It’s true! I’m not the same as most wedding videographers!

contact me: kauaivideo@icloud.com