Hanelei church Premium wedding

High end wedding vidography Kauai, by Difraser

Craig and Erin came all the way from Sydney Australia to get married in Hanalei. The reason: Erin is an American and her family lives on the mainland; Craig is an Aussie, who just doesn’t play cricket, he has an army of friends and relatives living down under.  Kauai just so happens to be the halfway point. Yup, we’re slam dunk in the middle. So the friends came from there, and they came from all over.  It took over a year to plan.  What you see here is a testimonial reel from the premium package Kauai wedding video. It’s a combination of different sequences centereing on aseries of amusing testimonials, lifted from the full length feature, which runs over 1-hour long. Boy, was this wedding fun!