Kalalau Lookout  


The wedding of Betty and Aaron high in the sky, a Kauai wedding video by Difraser.  Kalalau lookout is a view into the heart of the Kalalau Valley- one of the most-photographed and well-recognized valleys in all of Hawaii. The valley and surrounding coast has served as the backdrop for many movies, not just  "Jurassic Park." At 4,000 feet it’s a sky-high platform to say, “I  do,” which is exactly what Betty said.  Me and Josh (my son in law)  filmed this one with 3 Canon 5D cameras, a video slider, and I can’t rememeber how many lenses. The reception after the wedding ceremony was a long drive back down the winding mountain road to a major resort in Poipu. Although this was a few years ago, it’s still one of my favorite Kauai wedding videos that I’ve been lucky enough to film, and let me tell you, I’ve filmed hundreds!