The wedding of Darrin and Quinn, a Kauai wedding video by Difraser. 

This is a designer-crafted deluxe package video. It was designed with the following keywords: high octane, roller-skate derby, the Radio City Rockettes, wild fun.  The keywords had to shape the look of the video. Quinn is an expert roller skater. That was easy, get married with your skates on. Darrin is a marine. There’s the high octane. I suddenly saw the angle. Open the video like an action flick, nothing to do with a wedding, until we see Quinn with skates. What the heck, I said, let’s just do it and see what happens. What you see here is the 3-minute highlights video. If you choose me to do your Kauai wedding video with a thematic designer-crafted story, your full length feature will run 17-21 minutes, and your highlights video will be roughly 3-mins.   

Note:  When you choose my Deluxe Package, unless you request “Designer-crafted” I will shoot a traditional style (journalistic) wedding video for you.