The Cummings wedding in Kauai - Premium package video


Derek and Nalani’s tropical wedding in Kauai, a  wedding video by Difraser. This was one very spectacular wedding, a 2-day event, local gal with her mainland beau. The video begins intimately,  bride and groom in the hotel room getting ready. Then you’ll see a lavish extravaganza, a wedding spectacle the likes of which you’ll rarely see in a Kauai wedding video. We had four cameras running, with two operators. Once I had completed and mailed the finished wedding video I got back this message from Nalani and Derek.   

  •  “The video was amazing David. We were crying, laughing, and in awe all at the same time while reliving our wedding weekend. You were able to capture the most unbelievable moments and expressions of our families, myself and my darling husband. Thank you truly for all your creativity, professionalism, and hard work. You were such a joy to have there and you're vibe was so down to earth, go with the flow. You really read us well and the music in the video were perfect! We love what you've done. You guys are THE BEST!   

    We are so thankful!. Peace & Love,
    —Nalani Cummings   —  

 Note: this video shows the first 5-minutes of the wedding video. It is not a highlight reel. Nuff said, I reckon.   If you’re down for a Kauai wedding video something along these lines (big look traditional) I’d love to chat with you. Aloha— Difraser (David Ian Fraser)  your Kauai wedding videographer