Optional add-ons that can elevate the look of your Kauai wedding video


  • The 2nd videographer— In my opinion, the most valuable add-on is a second videographer, even for smallish weddings. At live events an unpredicatble jewel of happenstance can occur anytime. “When working alone, without a second wedding videographer,  I strive to film from multiple angles, as if I’ve magically extended my presence.   Sadly, there are times when I cannot reposition my 2nd or 3rd camera in the fractional moment when a quick tilt or pan is the difference of bagging the moment or not. My heartfelt advice is if you have more than 3 or 4 participents at your wedding, go for the 2nd videographer. You never know if one of those unforgettable moments is about to happen—like a parachutist dropping out of the sky for a surprise visit, or your best friend fainting—easily missed if the sole camera operator has his back away from the startling event. But even if nothing startling happens, the smooth camerawork of two operators beats the static 2nd camera video shots.”  The fee for the 2nd Kauai wedding videographer is $250 for the first hour and then only $150/hr. Well worth it in my humble opinion.  On all my premium package wedding videos the 2nd videographer is part and parcel of the package. 
  • FAA Licensed Drone —this is my next most valuable add-on. Drone shots absolutely elevate (pardon the pun) the look of the video and are a nice addendum to a photo package. Sadly, drone shots tend to be overused or misused in video production. But when used sparingly and meaningfully  such as in an opening sequence, or closing sequence, or as a shot or two in a montage sequence, the aerial view  lends a spectacular cinematic quality to the video.  We only use FAA licensed drone pilots. Fee is from $550.  No-fly caveat 
  • The video crane. Crane shots are the staple of cinema shots. Smooth moving, gently elevating above the subject, gently descending to obtain an interesting perspective. The only constraint is that these types of shots require set-up time. But the visual benefit to a wedding video is unrivaled.  

Drone aerial shots  $350 add-on 

Film crane adds $350 to your Kauai wedding video.   Drone aerial and film crane combo is an add-on of $600