For every hour that I spend photographing a wedding, I devote a minimum of 4 hours editing the shots, stretching or reducing backgrounds, removing unwanted objects, opening eyes when necessary, color blending and balancing, making certain that those featured are as perfect as can be.  I offer Kauai photography and videography packages from 30-minutes to all day long!  I use professional gear (full frame cameras, professional lenses not consumer and all of my support gear is industry standard: ie Sennheiser microphones, ENG/EFP video heads, etc     


The advantage of having a 2nd photographer. Many. The 2nd covers b-roll shots—scenics of the location, flower arrangements, landmarks. Also shoots behind-the scenes shots (another perspective of the photographic session). The 2nd also takes photographs of guests and the bridal group, especially when there are multiple groomsmen and bridesmaids. Last but not least, the 2nd takes care of lighting adjustments for sunset shots or when lighting is either too bright or too dark, when he/she brings along lightstands, speedlights and reflectors. 

The advantage of a second videographer. All of the above plus it means the 2nd camera is not being operated unmanned, yielding better looking, better framed shots, ultimately a better looking video.