Getting your photographs from proof-sheet packages (upto 3 hours of photo coverage) 

  • Here’s how it works. The same jaw-dropping gorgeous photography, but instead of the hourly rate you only pay $100  then pay only for the photos you want.  You receive the first 2 photographs at no cost, along with the proof sheets for all the photographs.  Typically in 1 hour there are 55 amazing shots, 3 or 4 proof sheet packages.  You decide what photo package you want.  Each proof sheet package contains 20 photographs.   Choose 1 or all of the proof sheet packages, and  I’ll send you the links to the high resolution photographs, which you can then download to your computer/ devices. 

The fees are: 

  • $375 for proof sheet package #1 (20 photographs).
  • $175 for the next proof sheet package  (20 photographs).
  • $100 for every additional proof sheet package (prorated on last proof sheet when less than 20 photographs).


  • Optionally, you can choose individual photographs as opposed to an entire proof sheet  @ $50 per photograph - no minimum.   

Note: this is NOT for clients who have already hired a photographer and are thinking of this as a backup/ low cost option for alternative photographs. I have to be the only professional photographer shooting at your venue.   

proof sheet example