Photographs from proof-sheets deal

  • The same gorgeous photography, but instead of an hourly rate you pay a flat $150 for up to 4 hours of shooting, then pay only for the photos you want.   In 1 hour there are 55-75 amazing shots, 3 or 4 proof sheets.  You decide what photos you want.  Each proof sheet contains 20 photographs.  When you receive all of the proof sheets, you simply select the proof sheets you want processed.  Choose 1 or 2 or all of the proof sheets, pay the fee, and  I’ll send you the links to the high resolution photographs. 

The fees are: 

  • $375 for proof sheet #1 (20 photographs).
  • $175 for the next proof sheet  (20 photographs).
  • $100 for every additional proof sheet (prorated on last proof sheet when less than 20 photographs).


  • Optionally, you can choose individual photographs from any proof sheet for $100 for the 1st photograph, then @ $50 per photograph - no minimum.  This is a way to get the cream of the crop.   

Note: this is NOT for clients who have already hired a photographer and are thinking of this as a backup/ low cost option for reception only or ceremony/portrait session alternative photographs. I have to be the only professional photographer shooting at your venue, on that day.   

proof sheet example