Wedding video + photography combo 

  • I loved filming Jos and Karman, as much as my camera loved them. But it wasn’t an easy shoot. It was raining much of the time; it rained during the ceremony, poured at times during the portrait session following the ceremony. From the images you really can’t tell.  But did they care a hoot about it?  No. We all laughed.  My drone was the only complainer— it started doing strange things in the air, so much so that I decided to get it down on the ground.  What can I say, the trials and tribulations of a Kauai wedding videographer.

 Spectacular wedding video + stunning wedding photos in a single hybrid package, for smaller elope-type weddings  

Raining on the bluff, but we didn’t care...

Kauai wedding video by Difraser

 Simple ceremony video + photography during ceremony plus 1 hour photo session (total 1.5 hrs)   $1100 


Elope video fusion (2 hrs)   $1450  

$1750 w/ cinema options.